Just for fun and laugh... ;) and a tiny tribute to Kiri!
#1 27-01-2017 
Kiri is awesome. A tiny tribute to her, with a funny French advert video for a cream cheese that is called "Kiri". xD

...just that our Kiri on LeeFish is not a cheese, but our Sims savior and a beautiful person! <3

♪ ♪ ♪ Kiri , Kiri , Kiri ♪ ♪ ♪ Smile

POISSON, proud to be a member of LeeFish.nl, since February 2014... Big Grin

#2 28-01-2017 
hehe that is my new favourite ad!

#3 29-01-2017 
Aww now I want to eat some Kiri spread! (not you, Kiri; the cheese!). I haven't had any in years! It's sooo fresh, it's perfect in summer time when you're outside, mucking about. <3

#4 29-01-2017 
@Raindrop, the advantage of this cheese is that it's not strong at all in taste, actually it's very soft and fresh and it's the contrary to most French cheeses: most of them are really strong, and of character! lol

#5 30-01-2017 
@poisson So true. I'm a fan of strong cheeses, but sometimes something light and easy like Kiri just hits the right spot. It's quite similar to cream cheese, btw, but iirc it has a bit more "life" to it -- or that might just be homesickness speaking! (I'm a French expat')

... Gosh I'm so going to the store tomorrow to hunt the cheese aisle. I'm usually quite happy with local UK cheeses, actually; they're quite good. We also have a small selection of the most common, not-so- interesting French cheese. I don't think I've seen any Kiri, but then I wasn't really looking!

(If not I'll have to smuggle it in or something. That, and a can of salsifis.)


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