Referencing textures AND mesh?
#11 24-02-2017 
Well I gave it a try -- I was missing the GMND in my first attempt -- and I tried to replicate what Nysha did the best I could, buuuuut... uh... let's just say I just found a new way to crash my game! Rofl I don't have time to work on it more today, but I think I might just ask Nysha what their magic trick is.

#12 25-02-2017 
OK, it works. Sorry if I sound a bit incoherent or vague -- my brain has turned to mush. Nysha figured it out; basically, you have to add the original GMND to the package, change its name, then point the SHPE to it while making sure the GMND's group *keeps its original number* (i.e. not 0x1C500000). Then slave the materials as normal.

I'm not going to update the Stare Steppers straight away, as it's fit for purpose right now; I'm going to do all the BG stairs (Altitude Attitude is almost done), then update the whole thing.

Now, another question -- about fallback GUIDs.

The Fake Stare Steppers are originally cloned from a rug. This means that, if I pull them out of the game, they should revert to a rug, is that right? Which is fairly innocuous.

Now, for the Altitude Attitude, I've actually started from a clone of the staircase. It's still a staircase for now, but it will eventually behave like a rug. Now, assuming I get tired of my stepcovers and pull them out of my downloads, these ones should revert back to the proper staircases. Would that cause issues, considering they'll probably be covering *another* staircase?

Basically, am I better off cloning a rug, or alternatively, can I just change the fallback GUIDs to that of a rug?

#13 25-02-2017 
I think that changing the Fallback GUIDs into that of a rug would be the good idea.

#14 01-03-2017 
awesome on both Nysha figuring it out, and you figuring out Nysha's Big Grin

#15 07-03-2017 
(25-02-2017 03:54 PM)BoilingOil Wrote:  I think that changing the Fallback GUIDs into that of a rug would be the good idea.
I've turned all the stairs into twice-repositoried-rugs. It all works great, and the average file size is 12Kb which is something I'm very, very happy about. I changed all the fallback GUIDs to that of a NL rug, and I think it's definitely safer than keeping the fallback as that of a proper staircase.

Buuuut... I'm a slow thinker, but I do think occasionally... The "fallback" rug in question is a NL rug, large enough to cover 5 tiles (that's my footprint). Questions:
- what would happen if someone who *doesn't have* NL pulls the fake staircases out of their game? Would it be a Very Bad Thing?
- does anyone know of a suitable BG object to replace these fallback GUIDs, if necessary?
- if I can't find a suitable 5-tile BG object, can I use a 1-tile object for each of the replaced GUID? Or to rephrase this: I need five fallback GUIDs. Can I use, say, five bonsai plants? Or do I need to use a BG object that is large enough to cover the five GUIDs?

- generally speaking, what happens if the fallback fails?

I looked it up, but I'm afraid my google-fu failed me.

#16 07-03-2017 
I think that if the fallback fails, it's possible that people would get blue- or purple-flashing objects, or maybe nothing at all shows up. With your fallback set to that of a BG object, that risk would not exist.

But what I'm not entirely sure about is... does it really *need* to be a 5-tile footprint? Would a one- or two-tile mat or rug not be sufficient? I'm not familiar with this kind of stuff, but it seems to me that - since the sims are going to use the *real* staircase, and the ghost is only there for the visual effect - it should not be a problem to use a smaller object for the footprint. In fact, you could, I suppose, even set the fallback to something innocuous like 0x00000000. If the object is then removed from the game, you're certain that nothing remains. And when nothing remains, it can't cause problems either.

#17 08-03-2017 
@BoilingOil I need five tiles for the "ghost" itself (good way of calling it!) because it fits its shape. It looks right, and I tend to prefer objects that have the roughly the right footprint, except when it would be ludicrous to register, say, 30 GUIDs for one object.

I didn't know I could set the fallback to 0x00000000. That's brilliant. I was concerned I'd break someone's game if I used the wrong fallback -- but I'm happy if nothing remains once the object is removed. Again, clean, elegant, especially as it's just a cosmetic object -- the sims won't even notice that it's gone, and it's less hassle for the end user.


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