• Short Tutorial for Changing Wall Objects to Hide with Walls Down
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These are just some quick instructions I wrote for myself while I was fixing some wall cabinets. Since so many of you here are already awesome creators, you probably already know this, but when I was doing it, I couldn't find any simple instructions and had to figure things out from bits and pieces of posts scattered around. So I thought it might help someone else to have it written up.

If you have some cc that’s bugging you by hanging out in the air while your walls are down, here’s how to fix it. This only works for objects that are already set for wall placement, like paintings and mirrors and cabinets and such like. Tongue

1. Open the package in SimPE.
2. Select Behavior Function (BHAV) in the Resource Tree on the left.
3. Select Function - Init from the Resource List on the right.
4. If the you see a function that says “Expression (My flags Clear Flag Literal 0x000B)”, then select it. If not, then go to the next section.
5. With the function selected, click on the Pop-up Wizard tool icon.
6. Change “Clear” to “Set” in the drop down menu.
7. Okay, Commit File, Save. Done!

If there is no 0x000B function in step 4:
5b. Select the last function in the Function Editor on the bottom.
6b. Click Insert via True.
7b. Open the Pop-up Wizard by clicking on the small tool icon. (Make sure your new BHAV function is still selected.)
8b. Uncheck the Decimal and Attribute boxes.
9b. Fill in the drop-down menus and boxes to say “My 0x0008 Set Flag Literal 0x000B” (to go down with walls)
-or “My 0x0008 Clear Flag Literal 0x000B” (to be visible with walls down)
10b. Okay, Commit File, Save. Done!

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#2 26-02-2017
I suspect this does exist somewhere, but that doesn't mean it's not useful to have simple instructions somewhere you know where they are Big Grin Thanks for sharing. I think I'll make use of this and fix some Maxis objects I wish would go away when walls are down Smile

#3 27-02-2017
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I know it at least used to exist somewhere, but I couldn't find it when I needed it, that's for sure. Smile

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