Securom and AGS
#1 28-02-2017 
I'm hope I'm correct in that it is okay to discuss no-cd cracks to avoid securom here, as long as one legally owns the game. If I'm not I apologize, delete it or tell me to and I'll remove it.

I have all games, and when my harddrive died I decided to start out securom-clean. Made sure to not run game during installation, and getting a no cd crack for M&G. So far so good. Until I made a mod that I wanted to playtest in AGS with BG+BV/FT/AL and that "please insert the correct cd"-popped up again. While it's not that often that it comes up, it's an inconvenience that I can't playtest things properly if the setup needs to exclude M&G and include one of the securom EPs.

So I'm wondering, does anyone by chance have no-cd cracks for those EPs too? I'm hesitant to download just any I find on the internet, since it is an exe. I thought maybe other modders and lot builders might have needed to solve it in the past and have recommendations on safe working exes.
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#2 01-03-2017 
If you are going to use AGS, then you better get no-CD cracks for every pack for which there is one. The ones that are on GameCopyWorld are safe, by the way. I have all of them - even though I don't have AGS installed Smile

#3 01-03-2017 
Okay. Explain to me why you think it's better to get no-cd cracks for BG-Seasons as well Smile

Thanks for the tip, I'll check it out.
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#4 01-03-2017 
Oh, please, I thought we were starting to get along, and here you go, putting words in my mouth again... Sad

I never said it was necessary to get no-CD cracks for BG-Seasons. I said that it would be better to get one for every pack for which one exists.
And then I made a sideways remark that I have all of them, even though I don't use AGS. Do I need all of them? Hell no, I only need the M&G one. But I have all of them anyway, just in case! Because I'm weird that way!

Besides, did you know why these cracks are called "no-CD/DVD cracks"? There is a very good reason for that, BESIDES protecting you from SecuROM: they prevent you from having to load the CD/DVD for whatever is the latest pack that you are currently playing. Because every time you need to load one of those discs, that disc is going to suffer from wear and tear, so it turns old very soon, and then it can no longer be used. Not having to use them as much will allow you to keep your discs in a good condition for a much longer time! And THAT is the best reason to have no-CD cracks for ALL your games, AND for ALL TS2 Expansion- and Stuff-Packs!

#5 02-03-2017 
I'm sorry but sometimes you are very touchy! I wasn't trying to piss you off, just wondered why you think it's better to get cracks for all EPs. Simply trying to get the information so I can make a decision about what's best for me. Clearly you disliked how I phrased it, I shall re-phrase accordingly.

I guessed it might be because of wear and tear, but I thought it better to ask than make assumptions. Who knows, I could have misunderstood how securom was introduced and missed that there was some pre-version in earlier EPs. I'm not too worried about my discs, more worried about keeping securom away Smile

#6 02-03-2017 
Well, if you don't care about the physical health of your discs, then by all means, only get no-CD exes for the packs that introduce SecuROM. You don't need any others.
If I thought it was *necessary* that you get those files, then I would have said "it is necessary". I said that it was *better*. There is a big difference. *Necessary* implies that you cannot play properly without the no-CD cracks. *Better* implies that you can, but I wouldn't advise it.

Yes, I'm touchy when people rephrase things in a manner that changes the meaning of what I've said. People have often misquoted things that I would have said, and then blamed *me* for them misunderstanding. I find it extremely hard to live in a world where people *say* one thing, but actually *mean* something else, and then blame others for the misunderstandings that follow. For that reason, I always say *exactly* what I mean. No more and no less. Unless I'm joking... but in that case you will *know* that I'm joking.

#7 02-03-2017 
Alright, I hear you. To you better and necessary are vastly different and you'd appreciate it if one does not paraphrase what you said in that way. Noted. Was not intentional, I just don't see them as that different and therefore used them interchangeably. I edited my post earlier to say better, I hope that fixes it?

#8 02-03-2017 
Yeah, that's all right, gummilutt. Smile

#9 04-03-2017 
I finally had some time to look at the website you recommended, and there's so many versions of each EP. This is why I'm not keen to replace all of them, it's annoying enough to figure out which one to use for the EPs I need. Anyone know what the difference is between the options? From the names I'm guessing it might just be updates of the file, but why not remove older versions if there's a new one? Sigh Big Grin

EDIT: Figured out which one to get, but a bit hesitant to use them. The website feels sketchy, had to enable ads to download and the ads that came up where very obviously viruses or scams. Would be very grateful if someone with no cd hacks they know are safe would be willing to send theirs to me Smile

#10 04-03-2017 
Those patches have been there for many years, and I and many other with me, have been using these patches for what feels like forever without any problems. You would probably be the very first to encounter any issues with them! I've done my best to inform you. Whatever you do with the info is all up to you.


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