Sims 2 UC randomly crashing
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It crashes at random times, but almost NEVER in build mode. My sim gets in the jacuzzi, it crashes. If I'm changing outfits, it crashes. Or if I'm making a meal, it crashes. I've went through all my CC and I don't think it's an item. I tried to replace my video and graphic cards like it suggested, but it hasn't helped. I deleted my cached files, cigen, thumbnails.... I'm not the best tech savy person out there. I also tried to troubleshoot the compatibility, but I don't know if that changed anything. I need help. Sad

My OS is windows 10. Most times it will give me a termination pop up before crashing.

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Download Video Cards.sgr - Intel - 0102 and pop it in the same places that you put the graphics card fix.

In the same place that you found the -config-log.txt file, you may have a sims2exception text file or two.

It will look like this - Sims2Exception 2016.05.01 16.02.37.txt
The numbers on the end are the date in format and the time in hh:mmConfuseds format.

Look for the most recent one, and attach it up here.

Generally, when there is this sort of crash it can be because of CC problems, or it can be because of graphics problems. Regardless of which one it is, we will sort it through.

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Oh! I didn't realize the video card I made was wrong. I checked the log and it wasn't found in the database, so I fixed it, and it hasn't crashed once! I think that fixed it! Yay!!!! Thanks so much. ^__^

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@jjohnsonfaye Fabulous!


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