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Hi. I just joined this forum. I was instructed to from a mod on ModTheSims2. This is more than likely in the wrong place, and for that, I'm very sorry. But, I was told that maybe someone here could help me. Either that, or I need to reset Windows, apparently. So, if I can avoid that, I would really like to. I'm a bit clueless, evidently; I got myself and my games into a huge mess.

I have Windows 10, and I have the Sims 2 base game (physical copy), University (physical copy), Nightlife (physical copy), and up until today, Ultimate Collection via Origin. I technically still have it, but I uninstalled it, as I was also instructed to do from a mod at MTS2 when I asked for help on the forums.

I had been having issues with Nightlife, and was informed I should just try and get the UC, because it's already patched and things. I tried tto patch my games myself, but the .exe file repeatedly stopped working, so I consulted a rep on Origin, and got UC. Enthused, I installed it before uninstalling the other games, not realizing I should have, and that it would have made sense.

An FAQ said not to do that if you missed the uninstall, but I trusted the mod, and when I started having issues with UC, the mod suggested I uninstall everything. So, I tried. Unfortunately, none of the programs' uninstall .exes would open. Yet, when I tried to run the disks, my PC said the games were no longer installed. But the files were all still there, exactly where they were before. I restarted my computer, ran CCleaner to see if that may help (used the registry cleaner, which found things and told me to get rid of them because they are no longer necessary, and were left behind after uninstalling software). The shortcuts and all the data are still around.

I don't understand.

Reported this on MTS2, who, again, suggested I come here, and I'm so worried I screwed up something irreparably bad that I just...posted. I'm sorry.

Do any of you think you could help me? Or, that you would like to, if you can?

Thank you. I appreciate anything.

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Someone redirected here from MTS probably needed to be in this section... So I moved it here from "Modding Help". Smile

If I was wrong, then please accept my apology and move it to where it *does* belong.

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@BoilingOil Yup this is the right place for it. Thankyou. Smile


When you say that the .exe won't open, what exactly is happening? Does it give you an error message? Does it do nothing? Does it crash something? Depending on what happens depends on what we need to do to fix it.

That's an unusual behaviour, and if it's what I think it is - an error message - then what we need to do, is adjust the properties on the exe for it to run properly.

Also, so we don't repeat things you've already done - could you link me to your thread? Thanks.


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