Edge Smoothing still greyed out
#1 09-04-2017 
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I installed Sims 2 + Sims 2 Open for Business on my computer and the installation was fine. But my game flickers when i move the camera. I've already installed the video rules.sgr for my graphic cards,but it still won't work. Can someone help me? My OS is W7.

Oh,and i've forgot to add: I've already download an Intel fix from here,and installed both in CSconfig and Config.

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#2 15-04-2017 
With the intel fix, did you install it in the Open for Business expansion? It looks like it isn't being used - you can tell, because I have debug text in it - if you can't find the word 'Kiri' then it's not picking up the right one.

You also need to install the Video Card.sgr - INTEL - 0046 as well.

Also you need to check if you are running the game in admin mode, and what your compatibility is.

#3 27-05-2017 
Hi Kiri.... I'm having the same issue.

Lenovo T420s
320gb 7200rpm HDD
Windows 7Pro sp1
Intel HD3000 video (Eww).

I'm DETERMINED to learn how to get this game running right, on this particular video chipset. Sims2 just doesn't like it!

My video card.sgr is correct for the Intel HD3000, and is installed in both Config, and CSconfig in M&G Stuff.
Run as admin. Compatability, Vista, sp2 (Tried all)

Smooth edges is still greyed out. Game runs ok otherwise.


.txt  OWNER-PC-config-log.txt (Size: 10.34 KB / Downloads: 420)

Here is my config log.

I can see that its not working by the info in the bottom of the log. Anything else I need?

#4 27-05-2017 
BTW, I have a GRM for nVidia NVS 4200, for the Lenovo T420 with Optimus, if you need it uploaded.

#5 28-05-2017 

You've set up the video cards.sgr correctly, but you need to use the amended Graphic Rules for the Intel card as well because Intel has an automatic low resolution condition which I remove in the amended one. (It still checks resolution, just doesn't go straight to low)

Graphic Rules - INTEL

Install that into the same place that you fixed your video cards.sgr files.

#6 01-06-2017 
Thank you so much, Kiri!


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