Mailman does not deliver mail on dorm lots
#1 15-04-2017 
Hi, I have noticed something odd in my game. For a while now, my dorm lots do not get any mail, nor did the mailman showed up. Yesterday, I decided to turn on boolprop testingcheats and summon the mailperson, and all she did was stand around, walking back and forth casually, while a pop up message came up and said nothing billable on lot or something like that. After doing this though, she showed up on her own a few times, but she still did not deliver any mail. I do not have this problem on apartment lots or house lots, just uni dorms. I realized this has been happening for a long time, but thought maybe it would resolve itself. Any insight on this would be appreciated. Thanks Smile

I have Windows 10, and The sims 2 with all the expansion packs, all patched.

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#2 27-04-2017 

I'll have to do some research with this one. It's been a long time since I played someone at Uni, and to be honest my first thought was that mail doesn't get delivered to dorms.

My second thought is that you may have a hack that is preventing it, or some form of object conflict.

#3 29-04-2017 
It's funny that you mentioned the conflict issue, because I went digging, and found out that the higher bills mod and mailbox recolours do not mix well. Apparently, I inadvertently downloaded a buyable mailbox with a lot (didn't realize it was in there and the clean installer did not pick it up). took forever for me to get it out of my game..used the download organizer to find it. Now my dorms are getting mail again! I did this all last night so I solved my own problem lol. Thanks so much for responding though <3

#4 01-05-2017 

Glad to hear!


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