Direct x error new computer
#11 08-05-2017 

OK. Your folder there is a mess. Lets clean it up and fix it.

1. Delete all these files:

Folder 'VideoCards-Radeon-099b'
Folder 'VideoCards-Radeon-9830'
Graphic Rules.sgr.bak
Video Cards.sgr.bak
Video Cards.sgr
Video Cards_1.sgr

2. Unzip VideoCards-Radeon-9830 as follows:
Right Click on the Rar file and choose "Extract Here"

Do this in both folders.

#12 10-05-2017 
i followed all instructions and still error ill post some screen shots

#13 10-05-2017 
Im currwntly at work so im away from my computer what else do i need to send u?

#14 10-05-2017 
screenshots of your folders.
config-log.txt to see what happened in game.

#15 11-05-2017 
here you go

here u go foreal this time

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.txt  DESKTOP-IJJ6AG0-config-log - Copy.txt (Size: 1.08 KB / Downloads: 248)
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#16 12-05-2017 

Can you run Bodyshop so I can see what's happening at the game level in the config-log.txt. I want to see if the card changes have taken.

#17 16-05-2017 
here is the config

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.txt  DESKTOP-IJJ6AG0-config-log.txt (Size: 7.91 KB / Downloads: 228)

#18 26-05-2017 
@Chzis When you did "copied" over your EA folder from your old computer to your new computer - was that the EA folder in the programs folder, or the EA folder in your Downloads folder?

#19 30-05-2017 
Im not sure should i let the game create a new programs folder i know for a fact its the same downloads folder . They coppied everything . So maybe i should let it create a ne
W programs folder then re install are ur fixes

#20 06-06-2017 

Programs can't be just copied over, they need to be reinstalled.

The Documents folder doesn't - but I'd put it aside until we've sorted out this problem.


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