Sims Pet Stories?
#1 15-04-2017 
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.txt  M-config-log.txt (Size: 14.64 KB / Downloads: 341)

2. Windows 10

3. Your fix for the Sims 2 has gotten rid of my DirectX error and finally my game opens!!!! However... the resolution is stuck being very very low and stretched. The game runs full screen on my 1080p monitor but in super low quality. I have been searching for soo long to fix it! I would be overjoyed if anyone was able to help me. I know this is a forum about Sims 2, but the Sims Stories games run on the same graphics engine and this is the only place I know to go for help! Thanks in advance!

The Graphics file I am using:
.zip  Graphics (Size: 7.39 KB / Downloads: 391)

#2 27-04-2017 

According to your config-log, it's on high resolution, so I'm wondering if it's something else. I don't currently have Pet Stories installed on my PC, so I will go find it and see if I can see what's happening. I might have to go talk to a couple of friends who have them already installed.


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