CC limit on ts2 (help me)
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I was reading here and there and figured out why my game is crashing so bad in the last time. I got Win 10 and a super new computer bought just to play TS2 (yes I am crazy about this game). The thing is when I place one more thing that makes my download folder more than 9gbs my game crash. I am searching around for solution but as you can see my english isnt that good. so when I try to google it I dont find what I am looking for that is a solution that I can add more stuff to my game. Anyone had this problem with win 10 and could solve it!?
Thank you in advance

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Have you tried to change what you add to your Downloads folder? Maybe the particular one thing is making you crash. Try taking something out and then adding the thing that your were trying to add earlier and then see if the game crashes.

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the thing is ... I really notice that the problem is the 9gb. i placed some walls to test after playing my game normal with 9gb... if goes up to 9 starts to crash.

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do you use the 4 gb patch?

increase the virtual memory? (Control Panel\System and Security\System then performance, select for best performance for games then go to advanced then advanced again then virtual memory, at least in 8.1)

make it high priority with task manager? only if you have loads of memory however.

how much memory do you have?

Is it 64 bit?

do you clear caches?

Using the compressorizer helps some people.

Graphics rules? because not using the right set up affects things too.

I can get up to 15 gbs, then it goes south.

I also use mods that reduce the amount of townies etc. the game creates, use empty templates, for instance, and use mods that reduce things like no witches coming to community lots (they use a lot of power to generate.) I ban the pickpocket for the same reason.

Also clear out the sims2packs once you install something, they are no longer necessary, get rid of jpgs, pngs txt files etc. out of the downloads. All you need is packages generally. Get rid of anything excess. If you don't want to lose it, make sure to put it in another folder somewhere else.

you can also rename things to get rid of weird characters. The game can only read ones of a certain style/size and anything over that slows it down.

Also fresh reboots are good, and keep down the amount of higher poly items Smile Use smaller lots. I also use the visitor controller, once I get past a certain point to keep too many visitors from arriving, plus cheats to reduce the amount of people at community lots in general. More people, more memory/processor that is used.

Forgot to add, get out of as many background processes as you can.

After that, you are pretty much done, as far as I can figure out. The problem is, it is an old game. It is 32 bit. I have 32 gbs ram. I maximize everything. And my limit is 15 gbs.
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Gayars has it exactly correct. Let me know how you go though because there are a few other things you can do.

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"waits on few other things to be listed Big Grin"

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1. Everything in your The Sims 2 folder gets loaded into RAM regardless of whether it's a package or not. If you have a lot of text files, pictures, backup files, etc, etc, then that will limit your CC.

Decrudulator will determine this, and help you clean it up if not.
Alternative Download for Decrudulator

2. Any special characters cause the game to use more space for loading a package which adds up. Seriously - just setting your game up with names that use alphabet, numerics, underline and dash can change things.

Bulk Rename can help you sort that out.

3. Have you compressorised your packages - There's a lot of blank space in the packages and they take up more RAM than they need. Texture heavy recolours won't reduce much - but your likely to get a lot of RAM back if you compressorise them.

Compressorise by djfade is the tool for this.
Note: if you compress your package, you can't simpe your package without causing corruption. It's a function that should go last.

4. Bundling Packages. There is actually a numeric limit on the number of downloads that you can have - it's not just MAC users who have this problem. PC users have a much higher limit, and it is affected by RAM, but it's still there. Starting with Hairs, which work bundled. Not everything bundles (because objects like to have unique identifiers)

Here's a post on how to bundle.

5. How many levels of folders do you have? Folders take up space in RAM as well. It's recommended that you stick to no more than 3 levels of folder hierarchy including the download folder. Some Downloads can also be stored outside the downloads folder. (eg. I have my buy/build/skin defaults outside the downloads folder).

6. How many duplicates do you have in game? Duplicates use up space without adding anything.
You can use Sims2pack Clean Installer to find duplicates, and remove them from the game.
I also use a program called DUPFILES to find them. It will find duplicates that others don't find.

All of these can affect how much CC you can have in RAM and remember that as well as your CC, you've got your game and all it's packages in RAM as well - so the older your hood is, the more packages and size your game will take up in RAM as well.

There are Two Memories:

RAM - for CC and meshes, the game, the hood.
and Texture Memory - where the textures for your hood and your objects are stored.

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I got two graphic cards but on G.R.M. only recognize the Intel (I am adding my Log if you could please take a look). After I patched my game with 4gb from the CFF my download limit went up to 15GB (I don't have txt or pics in my folders, and I do not place things into folders to folders to folders I basically got like a folder named "objects, " and all objects goes there than the "recolor" all recolors and goes like this. I did the dupfiles to clean up a bit and some others things I got on the internet in the last time. The question is it is possible to add my game graphic card on G.R.M., so maybe the game will enlarge a number of ccs?
.txt  LUA-config-log.txt (Size: 10.25 KB / Downloads: 327)

@gayarss it is win 10 32 gb ram 64 bits I bought in feb this year!
Thank you guys for the help until now!

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Sounds like you are where I am then! Big Grin

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Intel is the default card - however if you want a different video card, you need to select it in the graphics card panel. That's outside the game.

The Graphics Card won't enlarge the number of CC, it controls texture memory rather and the processing of meshes, it's the RAM that does that. However it's a good idea to increase your texture memory in your graphic rules.sgr to whatever your card can cope with.

If you do a DXDiag and post it up, I'll see what you're able to do.


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