Help with Wants and Object Categories
#1 25-04-2017 
What is Object Category 10096 and what is Object Category 10098 and what is Object Category 10097? I ask because some of my Fortune Sims have a want to buy <unnamed wantable object category 10098> or a want to buy <unnamed wantable object category 10096> or a want to buy <unnamed wantable object category 10096>. Only Fortune Sims get the want and not all Fortune Sims.

Besides being curious as to what these object categories are, I would also like to know how to get rid of them.
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#2 25-04-2017 
<category id="10096" name="HotSpring" primaryIcon="0xc0000910" secondaryIcon="0x00000000"/>
<category id="10097" name="MassageTable" primaryIcon="0xc0000910" secondaryIcon="0x00000000"/>
<category id="10098" name="Sauna" primaryIcon="0xc0000910" secondaryIcon="0x00000000"/>

All from BV it looks like.

#3 25-04-2017 
I have a vague memory that there may be some mod that fixed those broken wants so they have a name and not just that object category thing, but no idea who it might be by. Perhaps try a WCIF on MTS?

#4 25-04-2017 
Thanks for the information HugeLunatic and thanks for the advice Gummilutt, I will try a WCIF on MTS

#5 27-04-2017 
I found a possible cause of my problem it is the WantsTuning.package, I was reading this topic and @BoilingOil was telling someone that they should put two files by Squinge "Wants.package, WantTuning.package" that are part of Sqinge's New LTWs mod, and he wrote that they go into the TSData/Res/Wants folder of your latest EP, as they do not work properly otherwise.

I am going to do this and hopefully this will fix my issue, I am hopeful that this does take care of my issue.
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#6 27-04-2017 
See, I *knew* that I had seen subjects like this before, and that there was a solution. I just didn't remember where, nor that I even had a part in relaying the message. I saw your question pass at Simbology as well, by the way. I hope you'll soon have the issue solved, @lordtyger9. Smile

#7 27-04-2017 
Well someone on MTS in the WCIF section posted that they had the same issue and they posted the link to the thread where you were discussing Mod conflicts and I read it carefully. I think I will have the issue solved. I will post on it later.

#8 29-04-2017 
Wel I think I might have found an error that might be caused by the custom "Wants.package, WantTuning.package" files.

What happens is that if I use the Voodoo Doll I get an Error: Data number out of range. and this happened even after I removed the entire Downloads folder and the Voodoo Doll disappears and it is no longer in my Sim's Inventory. hey @BoilingOil what do you think?

.txt  ObjectError_N002_t613513.txt (Size: 241.65 KB / Downloads: 680)
I have a error log, It is included if someone wants to have a look.

I figure that I want to have the features of the modified LTW that the files offer, even if I get this problem, so I will just use the spawn Voodoo Doll thing a lot, but it would be nice if I didn't have to. oh well. I didn't think it did this until I replaced the original files, so it is odd I think.

#9 29-04-2017 
I'm going to look at the BHAV that threw the error, but there *IS* one thing that I need to say. Both the Wants.package and WantTuning.package do NOT contain any BHAV modifications that would influence interactions. The ONLY things they contain, have to do with the way wants are rolled for your sims. So whatever else is going on, this error is NOT caused by these two files.

Besides, I've run my game with these files for ages, and never had an issue. And more besides, someone would have noticed this before in all the years that this mod has existed, if the issue was caused by the Wants/WantTuning mod.

Anyway, as I said, I'll look at the problem for you. Smile

Edit to add: Ok, that was a quick look... I've found nothing. I mean, there IS nothing. The BHAV that causes the problem does NOT exists in an unmodded game. Ergo, the problem is caused by some mod that you have. That also explains, by the way, why the Doll disappeared when you tried to run without mods. The doll was a modded version of some kind.

I *am* afraid that this is the end of my investigation. I have no witnesses and no evidence. Without the mod in question (we don't even know the name of the perpetrator) there is no way for me to look at the BHAV that did this. I'm sorry.

Oh, and a quick request... next time you want to publish an error log, would you please ATTACH the file (preferrably zipped or rarred), and not include it in the post itself? And if attaching is not possible, zip the file, put it in some cloud, and give us a link to it in your post. Now the text simply opens in the browser, and that is NOT practical. A downloaded text file on my own system, which I can open in my favorite text editor, works a lot faster and offers me more options to edit and search for stuff. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

#10 29-04-2017 
Sorry about the way I published the error log, I will do better in the future.

Oh the Doll disappears every time I use it and if I have the debugging cheats enabled I get the error displayed, with or without MODs. What I found odd is that I got the error with all of my mods removed, I suppose that means I need to clear the cache files and then do a 50/50 afterward. It has to be some kind of conflict with one of the mods I use somehow. I am not very good at tracking down errors I guess.

I will keep working on this, got to to be something I didn't notice. Any Idea as to what kind of MOD would have this BHAV? I am hoping for clues here, since I now know that it can't be either the Wants.package or the WantTuning.package, it has to be something else that I have in my Downloads folder.


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