Possibility of Shiny/Reflective Face Paint/Mask?
#1 02-05-2017 
Hi. I would like to know if there's a tutorial specifically to make a face mask reflective/shiny using EnvCubes. I've followed a tutorial for editing the TXMT on objects (seen here on ModTheSims), and received favorable results for the body and hair recolors....but for some reason, the face paints/mask on a Sim's face doesn't want to cooperate. Is there a special set of instructions to go through in order to get a shiny/reflective face? Here's an image of what I have so far, and what isn't working out:

[Image: 76114_170502010551IcemanScrap1.jpg]

As you can see the face has a matte-like finish, versus the rest of the attire. Any help on solving this issue would be appreciated.
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#2 04-05-2017 
Thanks for the advice. I was looking at what material definitions were used on a wall mirror....It didn't work out. I have a feeling the reason the hair and body work was because they were not "Texture Overlays XML" (XTOL), such as what the face mask/paint is made of.

The hair and body are meshes worked because they were able to have a texture wrapped around it permanently versus the texture overlays that go onto a mesh temporarily? Or maybe because they have "Property Sets" (GZPS)? Maybe that's the difference, I don't know.

#3 12-05-2017 
So you are looking at the actual makeup face masks then? Can you add the texture things from the other parts to the face mask?

#4 13-05-2017 
(12-05-2017 03:22 PM)gayars Wrote:  So you are looking at the actual makeup face masks then? Can you add the texture things from the other parts to the face mask?

So I tried that recommendation, and it wasn't successful. The face remained matte finished.

I'm trying a new approach in that I can add the face of this Sim to the clothing uniform. It looks like this so far:

[Image: 76353_170513035921IcemanScrap2.jpg]

Of course, there's a major limitations to this approach. One cannot modify the face attached to this uniform in the game to match that of any other Sim faces. As well, without the proper joint assignments, this Sim's facial expressions will bleed though the fake face.

Is there a way to assign joints to the fake face attached to the body. Is it even possible?

#5 14-05-2017 
This may sound crazy, but perhaps a clone off of hair would work? I believe there are helmets or something in game correct? Perhaps that would work better?

Ok found some!


#6 15-05-2017 
There's a few instances in the game with objects that have shiny surfaces in using EnvCubes for their material textures, such as decorative sculptures & some clothing (e.g. the adult opera/theater tuxedo with cape, some teen shirts with shiny backs).

Since I couldn't find information about manipulating Sim face joints, I thought of importing the face into an accessory (rather than using it on clothing). Here's what it looks like so far. I need to adjust the shine to make it more consistent with the rest of the design:

[Image: 76395_170515061707IcemanScrap3.jpg]

The big pro about the accessory is that the joints contour the face well. So everytime the Sim expresses and talks, the accessory moves along with it. The big con is that it contours ONLY this face, and not other faces.

#7 15-05-2017 
How about the ninja mask thing, can you make it invisible or near invisible., And then apply the cube to it?

#8 16-05-2017 
(15-05-2017 05:06 PM)gayars Wrote:  How about the ninja mask thing, can you make it invisible or near invisible., And then apply the cube to it?

I've tried to ninja mask. I was able to get it transparent...I was able to get it shiny.....but not both at the same time. I think I understand what you were going to have me do, namely shape the head scarf to be about the same roundness as the head, and with it being transparent, perhaps it would be a suitable alternative. I don't think it would have been easy getting the head scarf to match the color tone of the body.

Anyway, as for skepticism about the game not processing a shiny surface on something that moves, such as a Sim's face, here is what it looks like in motion (the game played on Live Mode speed 1, slowed doing with a cheat "slowmotion 6", then sped up twice the rate in VirtualDub):

Granted there's a neck problem because both the mask and neck have their vertices placed at the same spots at the neck. So the textures are overlapping. As well, I can't import the face into MilkShape 3D for editing because the joints to the face mask will disappear, and cease to exist when exported. I've also corrected the mask's shine after making that test video. So it looks like this now:

[Image: 76443_170516042102IcemanScrap4.jpg]

So the big flaws with this include no ability for other faces to contour another sim's face, and having overlapping textures at the neck being noticeable, and since the mask is an accessory, it goes away when swimming/sleeping in a bed.
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#9 16-05-2017 
ok odd thing... did you try having a txmt only with no texture? (clone the perfume stand to see what I mean)

#10 16-05-2017 
I'll look into that tomorrow.

EDIT: Okay, so I check out the fragrance stand like you mentioned, gayars. I see what you mean with a tmxt without a texture being referenced. But the bottles are not transparent and shiny at the same time, so I don't understand what you'd want me to learn from the fragrance stand.
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