Ultimate Collection can't see old hoods
#1 06-05-2017 
Hi yesterday I contacted EA and received a copy of this collection. I had to give them my Double Deluxe game ID. They say this is the Double deluxe edition of the ultimate collection. It was base and then all EP's and SP's on disk. I switched because I was having a problem with crashing on my new system with Windows 10 and resent update. It crashed every time I went to buy clothes. No matter if on lot or a community lot. I tried the 50/50 and thought I found it. I then tried moving all downloads except the have to stay hacks and just the clothes folder. It still was crashing. I finally thought try and get the whole collection. Now I haven't been able to play my old hoods.
I have been reading that it was a problem with story edition. I hoping a praying that I missed something and there is a way to fix this. I did see the post on changing the the simsnetwork on restoring story edition. The game wouldn't even start.
Please if someone has an answer.............

#2 06-05-2017 
If the "buy clothes" interaction causes a crash, then it is *very* likely that the problem is a piece of clothing! So a test run with only the must-have hacks and the clothing folder intact serves no purpose, because that must also crash. You should have tried a test run with everything EXCEPT clothing.

#3 06-05-2017 
Thanks for the reply. I did that and no crashes with the clothes missing. So I figure it must be clothes.

#4 07-05-2017 
Ah, good! See, now we know a lot more! All the non-clothing stuff is ok at this point.

So now the next step is that you perform the 50/50 hack dance on your clothing folder to find out WHICH piece of clothing causes the problem. If only one piece is responsible for your problem, then this dance should not be difficult.

#5 07-05-2017 
I really did try that and it never presented it's self. I've removed the cd version and have the ultimate collection installed from EA. I had to give them a copy of the CD of Double Deluxe. I wish I could say I'm happy but I'm not. I can't play any of the old hoods. From what I reading it is because it was a story book edition somehow. I have not reinstall any of the clothes on the ultimate collection!
So if you have an idea about how to fix the hood issue that would be a great help.


#6 07-05-2017 
I'm sorry, @LostSims723. And doubly so.

Firstly, because if it didn't show, it mean that at least TWO pieces of clothing are involved in the corruption, and they must both be present for the problem to occur. (You might be able to figure it out by doing a different variant of the 50/50 dance, but it'll take a longer time.)
And secondly, because I have no idea how to do *anything* involving the UC. I'm still happily running the ancient 'original' game off the discs. I wish I knew how to help getting your hood to jive with the UC, but I do not.

#7 08-05-2017 
by "story book edition" , you maybe mean Store edition? I know some have received the store edition with UC. But the person in question originally had store edition before UC.

All hoods made in store edition will not show up in regular game (UC or not).

#8 08-05-2017 
Well you both for your time! It was greatly appreciated!


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