TS2 UC was working perfectly, now it won't run properly
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I've been playing The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection since the release on Origin and for me it was perfectly fine. Of course I had problems with graphics but I managed to change my Graphics Rules file so that I could play without any problems. Last time I was playing month ago and today I wanted to play. I launched the game and I have seen my desktop in 800x600 resolution! I can hear the music, I can hear the intro play and I can skip it, then I hear the loading screen I just can't see anything! I haven't changed my laptop or anything in it, I don't remember doing anything that could destroy my Sims 2 game. It just stopped showing. I've downloaded Graphics Rules file from this forum for Radeon graphics card (which is what my game uses), I've tried repairing game in origin and reinstalling it - the problem still exists.
My operating system is Windows 10 x64, what can I do about that?

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I'm not much good with helping in this section of the board, but I do have one question: did you try deleting the .cache files? Sometimes that helps for the weirdest reasons. If you did that, and it didn't help, though, then please wait for Kiri or someone else to help you further.

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Yeah, I deleted them and that didn't help. I uninstalled my graphics card drivers and that helped but I can't fix the graphics now.
EDIT: Turns out that now my game decided to use my Intel graphics card instead of Radeon - oh God, I'll try downloading graphics rules for Intel and see what happens.
Thanks for the suggestion! <3

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The problem with repairing the game, and running the game via the launcher is one alternative to the problem. That is the updater notices that the graphic rules is not what it expects and over-writes both it and the video cards.sgr.

Another alternative is that the graphics driver got updated, and now the game can't find the texture memory.

You'll need to re-install the changed cards (it is using the Radeon, by the way). If you do a dxdiag.txt for me, I will create one for you that utilises your actual display memory.

From now on, you need to run the game from the Sims2Ep9.exe, if you're not already. A No-CD hack if you've got it.


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