Flickering snow problem
#1 31-05-2017 
Hello once again

I got help here the last time so the game runs smoothly and everything else works well (thanks a bunch for that!), but the snow is still flickering on tiles.
It looks like this:

[Image: LbRUJsG.jpg]

The snow flickers on tiles only in daylight. At night everything's okay.
The flickering snow is also the only problem that's currently still here, everything else works perfectly (can change smooth edges, resolution etc).

Operating system's win 10. Game's running as admin, compatibility's set to win8 on Apartment Life EP (and every other EP, too), but not on Mansion&Garden SP as there wasn't a possibility to change the compatibility there for some reasons (probably due to the fact that the shortcut links to the no-cd crack?) - don't know if that matters, though.

Config log and Dxdiag are both added just to be sure.

.txt  DxDiag.txt (Size: 91.24 KB / Downloads: 535)

.txt  config-log.txt (Size: 10.32 KB / Downloads: 470)
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#2 06-06-2017 

To be honest, I'm not sure how to fix this - but lets try a few things to see if they help.

First up - Lets try putting on the Snow XRay cursor, to see if that makes a difference.

You'll find it in Game Options - Under clickable neighbors. Switch it to on - see if it flickers, Switch it to off - see if it keeps on flickering. (Also, is your ceiling on or off?)

#3 07-06-2017 

Tried the Snow XRay thing, nothing changed. The ceiling was off, tried it on and off, that didn't change anything. Having custom content (or Gunmod's lightning hack) or removing it wouldn't change anything either.

A weird fenomen I noticed tho - when I put the wrong VideoCards.sgr and GraphicRules.sgr to Config&CSconfig folders, this particular problem disappeared (and old ones came back, of course). But I guess this could also be because the wrong files mess with shaders and messed up shaders "fix" this problem.

#4 07-06-2017 
@buttersauce can you upload your graphic rules.sgr with the snow problem that went away, so I can compare it with the one I've got. It might just give me a hint as to what the problem is, and I might be able to cobble together a graphic rules for you that fixes both problems.

#5 08-06-2017 

The one that fixes the flickering snow issue is actually the one you've uploaded in the "DOWNLOADS - GRAPHIC RULES and VIDEO CARDS" thread, NVIDIA Texture Fix - Max Screen size 1920x1080 (sorry for hyperlinking, can't add any files to this post for some weird reasons).

So, if I have the "Graphic Rules - NVIDIA - Texture Fix - Max Screen size 1920x1080" one, then:
* can't change Smooth Edges
* gameplay flickers like this (it was usually a lot worse than this video shows)
* the graphics in neighborhood view are off like this
* I think the game is maybe??? a little bit more laggy, but it could also be only in my head
* snow doesn't flicker in daylight

And if I have the Graphics Rules file that you personally did for me, then:
* can change Smooth Edges
* gameplay won't flicker
* neighborhood view looks okay
* snow flickers in daylight

#6 11-06-2017 

Hmmm.... ok - let me have a look at those two, and see if I've stuffed something up.

The NVidia Graphic Rules is giving you Low Resolution - which is why your snow isn't flickering in the daylight, but the graphics are off. That's because your game is set up with the Intel Graphics Card.

The Intel Graphic Rules is giving you the High Resolution, so a setting for high resolution is causing the flickering.

Can you put the NVidia Graphic Rules, and get a config-log.txt from your game with that one - so I can compare the two and see if there's something that I can fiddle to fix it.

#7 11-06-2017 

Here it is.

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#8 10-08-2017 
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you guys ever figure this out I am also experiencing this exact same issue @celebkiriedhel


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