Issues with Sims 2 Lagginess
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Hi Kiri, Tori here- just posting here at the Leefish forum because my email is acting strange, so when you have the time and feel up to it, you can respond here [also we can keep track here easily, rather than through email] please take your time if need be- depression is tough stuff, I deal with it too.

I've installed the graphic rules, etc stuff you sent, and fixed the Nvidia card issue [with the drivers, also like you suggested] I've also noticed that the game loads up super fast without build/buy items, but when they're added, it takes up to twenty minutes to load from the title screens? I'm wondering if it has to do with a lot of recolors, maybe? I don't know. Build/Buy isn't necessarily laggy since after all the items have loaded in, it's super fast- so I don't think it has to do with SecuROM.

The game also freezes and crashes every time I go into Bella Donna Cove and click on the Cornerstone Condiuminumums [or the house exactly to the left of it, I'm not sure which] which does not resolve itself which forcing me to quit.

Either way, I'm still having the super lag on the loading screen, despite the graphic fixes, not exactly sure what's going on to be honest!

Either way, I look forwards to hearing back from you when you're able, and until then, have a great day/night/whatever time it is where you're at!

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Hi, can you upload the config-log.txt after your changes here? I can see what's happening from that.

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Sure thing, Kiri! Here it is! :>

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