Ultimate collection crashes
#1 11-06-2017 
I downloaded and installed both fixes and it worked until my sims had birth, it jumped and froze, and babies was born, but not there?? or intouchable and build and buy mode was grey? after third try next lot frooze.

I have run HCD and took some hacks out too

hope I added in the right way Big Grin And I use windows 10

I tried to add again for you Smile

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.txt  TONNY-DATOR-config-log.txt (Size: 10.34 KB / Downloads: 345)
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#2 11-06-2017 

Can you attach your config-log.txt again for me? (I think I accidentally deleted it when I moved your thread to the right forum).

#3 11-06-2017 
Sorry I didn't know were to put it, the untouchable and disappeared babies freaked me out... Do you think that's a graphic problem? Thanks for helping out Big Grin

#4 11-06-2017 
The -config-log.txt from the Logs folder in the My Documents\EA\The Sims2\

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#5 11-06-2017 

.txt  TONNY-DATOR-config-log.txt (Size: 10.34 KB / Downloads: 336)

now I did that again and can see three off them, hope I succeeded Smile
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#6 11-06-2017 

Thanks very much. It looks like you swapped over the Graphic Rules.sgr ok, but haven't done the Video Cards.sgr - that would be the cause of some of your problem. So we'll fix that first.

Download this file:
Video Cards.sgr - INTEL - 0116

Unzip it, and put the Video Cards.sgr in the same places as you put the Graphic Rules.sgr

You don't mention if you have Ultimate Collection or the DVDs.

When you've done that - go into the game and try it. If/when it crashes, upload the most recent -config-log.txt so I can compare it with your first one.

#7 11-06-2017 
Ultimate collection is what I have Smile

#8 11-06-2017 
Sorry I answered in another thread


#9 11-06-2017 
When I put the first file in config and second file in csconfig it worked until the birth. I have "Triplets and Quads" by TwoJeff and when I select 4 I could see one baby and none when I selected one baby, but all was untouchable... Smile

#10 11-06-2017 
Now it doesn't even start and there is no new config-log?

And it seams to be incompatible with windows 10, when I search for faults?? LOL it gets better and better Smile
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