Hello all!
#1 15-06-2017 
Hi everyone here! I love the Sims 2, I love customizing it, and I am here for some sage advise from the best. I'm a person who has never had a romantic partner, but by golly do my sims get married and procreate like rabbits. Weird irony there. I end up with LOTS of simmies, so yay for downloading customs!! Also I once wanted to write a book where someone plays the sims, makes all his friends, and then kills them for fun in different ways, but then his friends start dying in the same ways in real life! Unfortunately I don't think that's legal...death by flies mwahahahaha!

(and that's basically me) thank you all~

#2 15-06-2017 
Muaahahahahaha, You need to look into Alien Experiments, one of my mods. I've had so much fun finding out ways to 'torture' my sims there.

#3 17-06-2017 
Welcome to the pond Candy!

#4 07-02-2018 
Thanks all~!!


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