Aquarium Feels Empty
#1 25-06-2017 
Does everyone notice how empty the Fish Bowl feels these days? Our beloved Leefish, Fish Master and Overlord seems to be missing...

"Looks behind the coral, castle, and sims downloads"

Can't find Lee anywhere.

Just a shout out to know you are missed Smile
gayars, proud to be a member of LeeFish since Aug 2014.

#2 25-06-2017 
I miss you too Lee - and have mod questions for you, if you ever appear from behind the seaweed.

#3 25-06-2017 
Me too! Love and hugs xxx

#4 25-06-2017 
Yes, it's sad to see the fishbowl so empty. Sad

#5 25-06-2017 
Yes. So much yes. Miss you, fishie. Heart

#6 26-06-2017 
I am alive, very very busy. I finally snuffel into chat and nobody there Sad

#7 27-06-2017 
So good to see you Lee!! [Image: hug.gif]

Glad to see you alive and very very busy. Chat tends to be quiet now. It's starting to get a bit more - but slowly.

#8 27-06-2017 
So pleased to see you, Lee, have missed you sooo much!

#9 07-07-2017 
I miss all of you!

#10 25-07-2017 
Hi *waves*. Glad Lee ended up not missing. I came here to say hi, it's been quite a while, and seen the start of this thread and felt concerned. How is everyone?


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