Rufio in simPE
#1 26-06-2017 
Hi Guys, I have been playing happily since the help celebkiriedhel has given me!! Of course the fear of loosing my new created hood is all ways in the back of my mind. So I was browsing and came a cross a thread that was posted in January 2016 on Leefish. It show celebkiriedhel give directions on how to open Rufio. From my understanding you are able to save a lot of sim details through SimPe. I'm asking if this is still available, because I can't find the export button to generate rufio file. If this is still possible let me know if not is there another way to save sim charateristics and details through simPE?

I copied the address just in case your curious.



#2 27-06-2017 
@LostSims723 Have you loaded up your hood first? The Export won't show without that - i.e

To Start Up
Start up SimPE,
Select Tools, Neighbourhood, Neighbourhood Browser.
Select the Neighbourhood you want and Open.

Also can you do a screen shot of what you are seeing in SimPE? it should look like this -

[Image: Rufio.jpg]

#3 27-06-2017 
Great thanks for helping me again! Here is the print screen you requested! As you can see I don't have that option. Hmm?

UPdate: notice your version is different! I'm going to look for the version.

Update: New version has it! Was sure that was the newest version! Thanks! Sorry should have checked to see if it may have been related to the version.

Thanks Your Awesome!

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No worries. Glad it's sorted.


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