simPE and Ultimate Collection
#1 08-07-2017 
Hi to All!

I need help setting up simPE with Ultimate collection. I downloaded version0.73.44.37511 well trying to get it read the other files. It won't allow me manually set up the file paths. I've used this tutorial I followed it exactly! The problem comes when I start part 6. Open SimPE > Navigation Bar "Extra" > Preferences > System Folders it freezes. I know that it came have loading time issues so I wait, and wait, and wait. I just closed it after 20 minutes! I hope someone can help with this issue!

Sincerely, LostSims723

#2 12-10-2017 
There are lots of different tutorials on this topic, but this fix is what worked for me. The issue is SimPE wants you to point it to the executable for each EP/SP, but UC only contains the M&G one, as the others aren't really used. This solution places empty exe files in the appropriate location, which is enough for SimPE once you point it to each one. I imagine alternately, you could download all actual executables from gamecopyworld if you wanted to be able to run AnyGameStarter to test mods with different EP configurations. Obviously, this is a bit more time consuming and I've never tested it. The advantage it would offer is that downloaders would have items tested for compatibility.


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