Issues with Glitching
#1 19-07-2017 
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I recently reinstalled the Sims 2 ultimate collection through Origin instead of by my disks. I have and Asus gaming laptop with Windows 10. When I play I notice that everything looks off like the water and it glitches while I am playing. When I go to place items it glitches and things disappear for a second before going back to normal. I've tried everything with the settings to get it to stop.

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Your graphics card isn't being recognized by the game, I would definitely fix that issue first.
Look for the Graphics Rules/ Video Cards. that you need

They will need to be put them in the following folders:

\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Fun with Pets\SP9\TSData\Res\Config\
\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Fun with Pets\SP9\TSData\Res\CsConfig\

If it's not there, refer to this thread:

Other than that, I don't see any visible issue. See how that goes and I'll definitely be back to help any further Smile


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