I have the flu and bronchitis
#11 29-08-2017 
Oh my, Kiri, that's a horrible combo. I hope you'll get better soon, because that can not be comfortable at all. I suspect you can hardly shut an eye with all the coughing going on.

Also, I don't understand why I didn't get to see this post a week sooner. I check for 'relevant' posts at least twice each day. Wishing a fellow board member well, is relevant to me!

#12 22-12-2017 
Feel better Smile

#13 22-12-2017 
@child_of_air You *do* realize that this thread is from last July/August, don't you? I hope that this flu/bronchitis combo is not *still* plaguing Kiri (although bronchitis can be chronic).

But we all appreciate the sentiment. And I'm sure Kiri does, too. Smile

#14 22-12-2017 
Oh, haha! I thought she had it again it's certainly that time of the year. *Sheepish Grin*

#15 02-01-2018 

Thanks for the sentiment - yup - the flu/bronchitis combo did finally go away.

To be honest, I've got over 100+ threads waiting for me to look at, and I've got a seriously strong procrastination urge. I'm trying today to do something about some of them.


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