Minimum requirements pc specs to do high quality smooth machinima for sims 2
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I am aware the lowest ghz speed for sims 2 cpu is 1.80(my friend majestic films cpu speed is 1.90 and her stuff looks realistic as all heck)

But as kiri solved my prob a while back, my dino desktop i have is below cpu and my graphics card as she mentioned is quite old but still usable. (the dang cpu was 1,50 ghz thats bad)

For filming high hd machinimas (especially with using either fraps or bandicam with at least 25 fps) is dedicated or integrated graphics card better for smooth lag free film and being able to film in high hd quality and being able to use slow-motion 3 or higher cheat? (i found a laptop with i7 ghz 2.60 speed and dedicated graphics card and 16gb ram 500 hdd) its 500 USD.

(to Kiri) translation of the laptop I'm looking at: heres the AUD price: 555.40 USD: 439.99

In conclusion: Two questions: Whats the best requirements specs for sims 2 machinima and will that laptop i mentioned be god for it?

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Anyone? D:

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Eh, it's not bad. I wouldn't go for a Core i7 if you're going to be creating machinima, i5 is much more useful for video games. i7 is meant more for office work and documents, etc. It is a bit high for the price, seeing that the 2.60 speed for an i7 shows it's a slower laptop. I think it would be alright in theory, but I am not sure how laptops perform with machinima, I've only ever been a desktop user myself.


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