Bodyshop Crashing Windows 10
#11 11-11-2017 

I've been having a think - can you do a test for me?

Rename your game folder so that the game needs to generate a new one - but don't open up your game. Open up your bodyshop. It *should* create a "The Sims 2" folder with Downloads, Collections and Log folder. Downloads will be empty. Collections will have "Custom Collections.package". Log folder will have 6 text files where the config-log.txt will be the only one that has anything in it.

If it works - then the program is ok. If it doesn't then the program is not ok - and you need to uninstall/reinstall bodyshop. It may be worthwhile if you try this process with the reinstalled bodyshop as well. If it doesn't work with the reinstalled bodyshop, try uninstalling and reinstalling your whole Sims 2 installation. If that doesn't work. Then you're stuck.

If the program is ok - then it is something in your existing folder that is not ok. You've already ruled out the Downloads (CC), but it may be that there is something else in the cache packages that is the problem. For example, the thumbnails or collections may be corrupted.

The reason why I bring this up is that at one point my bodyshop stopped working because of a corrupt Custom Collections.package and I didn't realise it until I did this sort of test. I only just recently remembered this problem because of something that happened on tumblr that triggered my memory.

Also - when it generates the Logs folder, the config-log.txt in the folder will be for the bodyshop. Post that one up for me - we can see if it's different from your game one.

#12 20-12-2017 
Sorry, I just now saw this. Yes, I will test it out, thank you Smile

#13 21-12-2017 
So, this is pretty strange. It generated a new folder, but not everything was in it, the program itself did not start. Firstly, instead of the Collections folder, it generated a .mdmp file- the same I've been getting all along when I try to start it. And in the Logs folder I've got everything except for the file you want- GraphicsLog, loadLog, ProductionMessages, resources, TextureErrors. That's it. No config log to speak of. I'm including the .mdmp file for you, just in case it's of some use.

#14 27-12-2017 
What do you think about the above? Does it give you any ideas?

#15 01-01-2018 
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Hi there,

First of all: thank you all so much! I managed to get my game working again thanks to this forum. But I had the same problem as child_of_air until just now: I couldn't open body shop. Everything was working alright, I could open the program, but it just showed a black or blue screen - even after a fresh install with no CC. Then I just accidentally opened it with my laptop's integrated graphics instead of my much better Nvidea graphics card and it actually worked Huh. Not sure if this will help anyone else but thought I should post here in case it will.

#16 03-01-2018 
Hi Seli,

I only have one graphics card. So that's not my issue, sadly.

#17 19-03-2018 
Any chance I could get someone to look into this? I signed up for the Hot Date CC sharing event, and I'd really love to give my hot date body shop content. It's been four 1/2 months since I did the test already.

#18 21-03-2018 
Okay, so I uninstalled everything and started over again. So far I've successfully installed Sims 2, Uni, and Nightlife. Just out of curiosity, I decided to have a go and see if bodyshop would work. And guess what? IT DID! So, this leads me to conclude that my installation was faulty, which I realized when I tried to buy the Satinistics sofa from the basegame, and it wouldn't show up at all. Very strange. The issue I'm having now however is that I can't get any of the patches to install! I got the first one because someone had copied the files from their game, but I can't get anything else to install, and that's a big problem because the games themselves are buggy as hell without the patch. Can anyone help? I've searched all over the net and haven't found anything. I just have the regular old CDs, no double deluxe or Ultimate.

#19 24-03-2018 
You should be able to install the patches with grumpy loader. It'll throw some errors while installing the patches but it's still installing them fine so don't worry. Smile

#20 25-03-2018 
Thank you Digi, I managed to get that part sorted out. Now I'm on Apartment Life, and bodyshop still runs just fine. I think When I used the rules from the Graphics Maker program, it stopped working again. I'm pretty convinced that for some reason, if I use the rules from that program it somehow makes running bodyshop impossible. It's very strange but there it is. I guess I'll have to muck around more and do it the old fashioned way that celebkiriedhel originally mentioned. Cross your fingers for me!


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