UC Not Starting Error Direct3D E_INVALIDARG!
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Hi everyone, I just got a new laptop and am trying to reinstall sims 2.

I'm on Windows 10, i57200U, 16BG Ram and I've already downloaded the graphics rules for NVIDIA, and added my video card to the database. I've tried deleting the userprops.xml as well.

I've attached my config file. The error which pops up is Direct3D returned an error: E_INVALIDARG! The application will now terminate.

=( The game runs with the Intel card but ideally I would prefer it to use the NVIDIA one.

I hope someone can help out, I'm really sad to be blocked from my game T.T Thank you!

EDIT: After further testing and reading, I seem to be in the group of simmers who can run the game only in full screen mode. This is a decent compromise for me so the thread can be closed!

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