Black Screen, Please Help!
#1 03-11-2017 
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Yesterday I decided to update my game through Origin and since then my game turns black whenever I load a Neighborhood. I tried everything there is and it's just not working. Please help me fix my game. Thank you in advance!

Update: I forgot to mention that I was using a NOCD key becuase whenever I used CFF explorer on the orginal .exe the game wouldn't load at all. CFF explorer is very important for me because I have tons of CC. Does anyone have any ideas how to fix this??

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#2 06-11-2017 

Unfortunately EA broke stuff with the latest update to the UC - I have no idea (as yet) how to fix it. I'm doing some researching but I don't know when it will fix.

If you would like to help me find the solution - that would be great.

If you can help me out - rename your game folder and have it generate a new game with hoods.
Then see if that will work.
And come back and let me know.

#3 09-11-2017 
I would recommend you try setting the compatibility for the game to Windows 7, this has solved the black neighbourhood screen problem for me in the past. Smile

#4 11-11-2017 
@TheDarkLady Thanks! That sounds like a great idea!

@Angelbeam19 Try what Dark Lady has suggested and come back and let us know how you get on.


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