So I found this video of someone playing an ISBI challenge in Crowborough, by our very own Klaartje Big Grin I just thought it was cool, and I haven't seen anyone else Let's Play there yet, despite it being a great 'hood.

#2 05-11-2017
Oh my... I'm sorry, but my attention span is insufficient, so I'm tuning out...

Initially I thought this might be hilarious, especially because of the ISBI concept. But two thirds of the 22 minutes video have elapsed, and we're STILL waiting for her to finally, actually start playing! In Dutch, we have a saying for that: "veel geschreeuw, maar weinig wol", which means something like "a lot of screaming, but little wool". Yeah, that must have had something to do with sheep, originally. In short, she talks too much, and *does* too little. Pity.

#3 06-11-2017
@BoilingOil Generally the first episode is lots of introductions to the hood, i.e. not a lot of playing. While I agree it's hard on the attention span, her later episodes might be better so if you feel like it go for one that she's likely to do more playing. I'm not going to - my attention span is low and even great Let's players like Mara or Jessa haven't had me watch the whole lot - although I've never heard of ISBI before except as a lunatic challenge.

Maybe we need to find let's plays for folk with low attention spans? (Hmmm - I'm thinking about 5-10 minutes tops).


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