sims 2 crashing: possible cause?
#1 05-11-2017 
My sims 2 still crashes (once sometimes now) After hours of scanning my downloads for guid isssues and such(EXAMPLE: Corrupted/duplcates/confliction) Found a lot, removed it, also did the hod checker and deleted all invalid stuff. i can now use buy mode easier. game will freeze up if i move my camera a certain way. Could the only culprit be too much cc?

I have 56,695 on a 8gb ram of 1.25 tbb HDD of a cpu of intel core i7 2nd gen, geforce GTX 560m of cpu speed of 2.20 to turbo 3.0

and since cc can use up tons of ram, that could be the issue? I might need to drop out little under half of cc?

Ill still attach my pc info just incase. and config log and what the exception from the crash

.txt  DxDiag.txt (Size: 63.81 KB / Downloads: 499)

.txt  DESKTOP-V62VVJU-config-log.txt (Size: 10.36 KB / Downloads: 405)

.txt  Sims2Exception 2017.10.28 13.43.27.txt (Size: 12.06 KB / Downloads: 444)

#2 05-11-2017 
Tons of CC *can* most certainly cripple your game performance. And although I'm not certain, I'd say that it *might* even cause it to crash.
The number of files you have in CC is usually not the determining factor, though. The total size of it is more important.

#3 06-11-2017 
like how many GB my downloads folder is correct? if you mean my downloads folder size, its 23gb

#4 06-11-2017 
Ah, yes. That is exactly what I meant. And 23GB... Yeah, although it does not necessarily *have* to be the *only* cause of the crashes, it *can* be *partly* responsible for them, because it *does* tax your game's limits. I assume that it takes a while for your game to load, too?

Since the game can only use a limited amount of memory (definitely not more than the 8GB that you have, but very likely even a lot less), it cannot continuously have the full 23GB of CC in memory, and therefor needs to swap data around using virtual memory (the so-called pagefile on disk). That takes a lot of time. The more time it takes, and the more you swap around, the more chance there is that the game will not be able to keep up. The result may be a crash. And the pagefile size may also play a part. If the file is too small, it doesn't help much. But if it's too large, it complicates data management.
And then there is the fact that the game itself is already rather old (BG was launched 13 years ago!), so its coding isn't the most modern, either.

So if there is a way for you to reduce that load without limiting your options too much, I would seriously consider that. Myself, I'm using only 2GB of CC, and after 8 years of play, I still have not used half of all the stuff that I have installed.

#5 06-11-2017 

BO is correct (thanks BO). 23Gb is way way too much for your machine.

Do you have the "can use more than 2G' RAM fix?

Have a look at this thread ([]FAQ - LAG Issues - Possible Solutions[/url]) at point no. 3 - the CFF explorer fix. Follow it exactly as it is shown.

When I was testing out a problem for a friend, it was the difference between crashing and not crashing.

Even with this fix in, I'd look to having your CC at no more than 10-11G.

#6 06-11-2017 
Thank you both! If I want this much I should of just go for a desktop since laptops are different and such. I know my friends that good realistic machinimas and I believe they dont got much gb of cc


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