Sims 2 Ultimate Collection Directx 9.0c
#1 11-11-2017 
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I bought a new computer, Windows 10, and since, I can't play anymore in the Sims 2 Ultimate Collection. I receive the infamous message about Directx 9.0c. I've got two graphic cards, Intel Graphics 520 and a more powerful one, AMD Radeon.
When I play in window mode, graphics are horrible and the video is jolting.
So, how can I recover my Sims?
Deeply sorry for my English, I'm French.

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#2 12-11-2017 
Hi Stanley,

Don't worry if your English isn't entirely perfect. I'm Dutch, and my English isn't always perfect, either. As long as we understand each other, it's not a problem Smile
Have you read this FAQ about Windows 10 Graphics Problems - Ultimate Collection? That one has been written by our resident Graphics expert, Celebkiriedhel for all people who have issues with W10, TS2 UC and DirectX. So please follow that, and come back to this thread with a new config-log, if there are still issues after that.

The first thing I noticed, by the way, is that your game has been set to use the on-board Intel Graphics... that is not ideal. If you know (or can figure out) how to set it to use the AMD card, that will probably be much better.

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@Stanley Bonjour! I'm sure my French is much worse than your English so I wouldn't worry.
BO is correct about using the Radeon, however I'll give you the fixes for the INTEL card until you can work out how to swap it over.

Download Graphics Rules - INTEL - Texture Fix
Video Cards.sgr - INTEL - 1616

In the Program folders:

\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Fun with Pets\SP9\TSData\Res\Config\
\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Fun with Pets\SP9\TSData\Res\CsConfig\

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Oh thank you so much!!! It works! Celebkiriedhel, you really are the Sims God!

I do want to thank you two for your help. I read the FAQ about Windows 10 Graphics Problems - Ultimate Collection, but I couldn't find my graphic card in the list (1916 in my config-log): I didn't imagine that I could take the Intel 1616 video card.

Now, my problem is to switch my Intel Card with my AMD one, because I can't play in widescreen mode. Perhaps I must get used to play in windowed mode?!

Thanks again for your kindness!

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Hello there @celebkiriedhel! I have the Sims 2 ultimate collection, but I can't open it. If I open it as an administrator it says that there is a problem with DirectX same one as the one Stanley got. I have followed all the steps to change the graph rules and add my graph card into the log, step by step and the message that said not found in database disappeared after I followed your steps. However, I still get the same error Sad

When I open the game in windowed mode it opens, but no more than maybe 5 minutes and then it crashes every time :/

Could you please give me some help? I have followed other forums of yours as I find them very useful and detailed explanations, and I followed them thoroughly but I can't seem to make it work Sad

The other two forums were these two:

Thank you for your time and help! Smile

#6 02-04-2022 
@Charles C., we would love to help, but we can't do much with the info you've given us. If you really want our help, please attach your -config.log, and preferrably also your DxDiag.txt. That is much more helpful than listing other threads (not forums) that you've read and followed.

Also, if you've paid a little attention, you may have noticed that you responded to a thread that's been dead for four years. That doesn't matter to us much, but @celebkiriedhel isn't around much anymore. I hope you don't mind if others try to assist you?


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