Bodyshop crashing
#1 24-11-2017 
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I've updated my video and graphics drivers, and it says everything is okay in my config log, but when I try to run Bodyshop, it crashes minutes in and when I check my log it says NOT FOUND IN DATABASE, but as soon as I run my game, it goes back to normal. I've tried running it without any CC and the same thing happens. I'm at a loss.

I've tried removing my thumbnails, and clearing my cache too.
.txt  JAMIE-PC-config-log.txt (Size: 10.38 KB / Downloads: 377)

#2 25-11-2017 
Copy the Video Cards.sgr and Graphics Rules.sgr from the Config folder to the CSConfig folder. That should do the trick.

#3 25-11-2017 
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That fixed it! Thanks a lot!

#4 26-11-2017 
You're welcome Smile


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