Sims 2 UC Application Has Crashed, Will Now Terminate
#1 25-11-2017 
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So I'm apparently having these issues just like others and I'm stumped... So I'm hoping that somebody out there can help. I recently installed The Sims 2 UC, and I can play the game, and everything, but at weird, random times throughout me playing. Itll give me that message...Application has crashed, will terminate. Sometimes it does it in CAS, sometimes right when I jump into a lot, sometimes when I go to a lot...its quite annoying, and frustrating. I have no CC, so I dont get what the problem is...=(((...I just wanna play some Sims 2 lol.


Intel I7-7700K 4.2 Processor
16 GB Corsair RGB Ram
2 TB HDD & 250 SDD
850 Watt PSU

Log File Below
.txt  DESKTOP-F5UPBV3-config-log.txt (Size: 10.29 KB / Downloads: 6)


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