[split] Anleas also needs help!!!
#1 04-12-2017 
Hello. I'm having the exact same problem, and I've done the same as you mentioned above, yet I keep getting the "program terminated" thing or purple textures after extended gameplay.
I'll attach my log as well.
I'm using Windows 10

Also I've tried all sorts of other fixes such as using Graphics Rule Maker and CFF Explorer to allow the .exe file to run over 2gb

.txt  DESKTOP-DQ03FMA-config-log.txt (Size: 15.15 KB / Downloads: 457)

#2 05-12-2017 
11,264 MB texture memory? Are you sure that's what the NVidia Control Panel said under "Dedicated Memory"?
That's an awful lot, and also a strange number. Because that's EXACTLY 11 GB. I've never heard of graphics cards with an odd number of GBs of memory on them (besides 1 GB, that is).

Anyway, besides the above, your config-log.txt looks correct, so you must have a problem that is NOT related to the graphics settings. If you have any custom content in your game, could you please try playing without it? That way we can find out if one of the downloaded items might be causing trouble.

#3 05-12-2017 
The GTX 1080 Ti has 11 gb vram ye, and I also tried with just 4gb, nothing works. Must be something else, I don't have any mods

#4 05-12-2017 
Ah, so that means that you config-log file is OK. And if you don't have any mods or downloaded objects, then I'm out of ideas. Hopefully, @celebkiriedhel will soon show up to help you, then. (There's a good chance of that, now I mentioned her name Smile)

#5 05-12-2017 
I tried deleting the whole sims 2 folder under My Documents/EA games, didn't work.
I tried lowering the texture memory down to 4096 mb, didnt work, and then to 1024 mb, didn't work either.
I tried to repair the game with origin and use the Graphics Rules.sgr files from this site, also didn't work either :/

#6 08-12-2017 
@Anleas Hi Anleas - can you upload dxdiag.txt for me?

I'll give you the Graphic Rules/Video Cards.sgr that you need.

I suspect that you'll also need to use a NoCD version of the SIMS2EP99.exe as well - but we'll fix the graphic rules and video cards.sgr first

#7 08-12-2017 
Hey @celebkiriedhel thanks for answering
I have my dxdiag right here
.txt  DxDiag.txt (Size: 101.26 KB / Downloads: 569)


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