Sims 2 Ultimate Collection Crashing to Desktop
#1 06-12-2017 
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I did a fresh install of the Sims 2 Ultimate Collection on Origin and have ran into some problems when it comes to loading, either a neighborhood or family. The game will just crash on me, sometimes not generating an exception file and the crash will just be a black screen before going to the desktop. The game is then closed. I've tried figuring out what the problem is by reading the forums, but I'm stuck.

Any help will be appreciated ! Thanks!

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#2 08-12-2017 

Hi - looking at your config-log.txt it looks like you're good to go from graphic rules/video cards point of view.

That means the likelihood is that it is the Ultimate Collection itself that is the problem. When they updated it recently to remove SECUROM (which was definitely needed) they mucked up the game a bit.

Do you have any CC in the game yet?

If you don't then the likelihood is that you need to replace your Sims2EP99.exe with an older noCD cracked version of it. (I'm pretty sure that I have a link to one here - I'll find it and add it when I get home tonight. I'm babysitting at a friends place and doing my admin on his computer with limited access to my normal tools).

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Hello ! And thanks so much for the quick reply! I don't have any cc at all in the game at the moment.

Also no worries, take your time, I'm currently recovering from surgery so it's all good. c:

Thanks for helping me out !


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