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(08-03-2018 02:43 AM) Pizzatron-9000 Wrote:  Does it involve setting your Internet Connection to Metered? That's what I did when I came home, tried to play Neverwinter Nights multiplayer and found that I couldn't get the game to load because Microsoft had shoved their latest half-baked update down my throat and boogered everything up! So I uninstalled that update and set my connection to Metered so that Microsoft couldn't force their updates on me without my permission, permission which I'll never grant because I couldn't give a fig about Microsoft and their bogeyman stories about internet security and phishing and blah blah blah; anything that Microsoft can block, my paid Kaspersky Internet Security subscription can block better, and without boogering up my games.

Setting to a metered connection, only shuts off some updates. New editions, and what MS considers VERY critical updates, will still download. On a lot of Win10Home loads, you'll have to go into the registry to set a metered connection, as that option has been removed from the GUI by MS.

There IS a better way:


1 Make sure you don't have any updates in the "queue".

2 Disconnect from your WiFi.

3 Left click "START".

4 type "Services"

5 Navigate down to "WindowsUpdate", and STOP that service.

6 Right click that service, choose "Properties", and DISABLE it.


Copy/paste each one of these into notepad, and save as a .reg file:

(cut and paste the next three lines to a notepad file and name it , NoUpdates.reg)

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Click on the .reg file to install it.

To turn updates back on:

(cut and paste the next three lines to a notepad file and name it , AllowUpdates.reg)

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Click on the .reg file to install it, then, re-enable the WindowsUpdate service.
You can do this over, and over.

You can switch them on/off this way at will. You just click one, or the other. Don't forget to DISABLE, or ENABLE WindowUpdate service accordingly.

I have tested these on a wide variety of machines, They do work, and are safe to use.

This is the easiest I can make this, at this time. IF I get time, I'll write a "patch" that will give the options, and do everything automatically.

You can download the below files, and change the extensions from .txt, to .reg

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.txt  AllowUpdates.txt (Size: 91 bytes / Downloads: 78)
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