TS2 UC, Win 10, and selective crashing
#1 10-12-2017 
I'm hoping someone can shed some light on an unusual (to me) problem.

After almost two years of generally un-problematic gameplay on Windows 10 and with an Nvidia graphics card, I began getting the 'DirectX 9.0' error when trying to load my game with my Nvidia GPU (I also have on-board Intel graphics, which work in a pinch). Incidentally, this began after I deleted my cache files - which I do on a regular basis - but this time I had noticed some Bodyshop exception files in the listing as well. Coincidence? Probably.

Anyways, I uninstalled and reinstalled my graphics card drivers as described in the "Nvidia and Windows 10" thread pinned to the top of this board, and it worked beautifully! My game now loads with the Nvidia graphics card. There's just one glaring issue...the neighborhood I play most frequently (N001/Pleasantview) cannot be run on the Nvidia graphics card - it crashes every time. The subhoods of Pleasantview don't crash, none of the other neighborhoods crash...just the main neighborhood of Pleasantview. And only with the Nvidia card- if I switch to the on-board Intel graphics, then I can play it.

It's not the end of the world since I do have a workaround, but the graphics are significantly better with the Nvidia (the Intel can't smooth the edges all the way), so if there's a way to fix the issue, I am all ears. It just seems so strange that the GPU crashes one specific neighborhood.

Thanks for reading my little novel, and I look forward to any input anyone may have. I'm attaching the log from my latest crash.

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