Pond Water Issues with G-Force 1060
#1 20-12-2017 
Hi there,

I was hoping that someone might know a bit about the pond water. I couldn't get Voeille's Pond Water hack to work in my hood after following all her instructions, and she's not been active lately. So, I took the mod out and have now just been using the regular horrible EAxis water.

But I noticed today that my pond water looks extra blah, and I have no fish! In a lot that I played previously with a different graphics card, the fish were there. But now there are no fish.

Does anyone know anything about water and graphics to help me figure this out? I have no clue. I have a Nvidia G-force 1060 and play on Windows 10.
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#2 28-12-2017 
I finally figured out that for some reason, my game isn't using shaders. I don't see fish in the pond and but when I use the cheat, they are there. I have boolprop useshaders true in both my user startup cheat and my graphics rules. But why on earth is my game not using it? Does anyone know how I can force it to do so? In the meantime I'm going to mess around with the Nvidia settings.

ETA: Okay, so it finally worked for me. I used the boolprop useshaders true cheat, even though it's already there. I also fiddled with the Nvidia settings. I'm not sure which one did it, but it looks very nice now. If only I could get bodyshop to run!
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#3 02-01-2018 
@child_of_air Sorry about not getting back to you, glad to see you got it sorted.


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