The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection Crashing When Selecting Neighborhood
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Thank you so much for responding!

I actually don't see a cigen.package in my sims folder, though I'm probably missing something? I'm sorry!

I don't think I've ever opened bodyshop with the sims on this computer/with this folder, and CC has definitely messed things up big time for me before so I made sure to remove it and see if that helped like you said but it still crashes after a few minutes.

These are all great ideas and I'm so happy to know it looks like the graphics aren't an issue anymore! I'm going to try and look for the file you said and maybe see if I accidentally left the downloads folder in, etc. Thank you so much again for getting back to me and I hope this can all be figured out soon.

I also actually ended up losing my families, etc. when all this happened. I still have the folder saved, but it won't even open without crashing immediately even when fixing the graphic rules, etc. It's a total bummer but I understand these things happen.

Edit: Wait, does this exception help?? It looks like it's saying something but no idea what lol.

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Sadly, I have no experience reading Exception files. Sad

Ok, so you don't have a cigen.package... But you *do* have the .cache files? If you haven't deleted those yet, recently, then try that and see if it helps. It's the thing that most often helps when access violations cause the game to crash.

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Oh, that's okay. I just thought if I knew why it was giving me an access violation I could figure out what it doesn't have access to. I do have the .cache files! I deleted them and the game actually stayed open a bit longer than usual and it was when I clicked that I was done with the test family that it crashed again. So I think that was definitely part of the issue, thank you so much!

Also wanted to mention the same crashing problem happens when I try to load any premade family. As for my own sims - I haven’t been able to get that far in the game so I can’t test yet.
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So, you've effectively uninstalled and reinstalled the game multiple times, you've installed a no-CD executable, and you've removed and re-added what little CC you actually have, and STILL the game will not properly run... neither with, nor without CC. I'm sorry, @pixelchixel, but I feel as helpless as you. I am completely out of ideas of what one could do to get your game going again. Sad

If it is to ever properly work, we will have to wait until @celebkiriedhel has another good day and can look into your situation again.

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That's okay! I really appreciate your patience and willingness to help me with this. I think I'll just wait and see if, like you said, celebkiriedhel is able to come back whenever they're feeling up to it (though I completely understand that it's hard to be in such high demand, etc. so no pressure) but you really did help a lot so I can't thank you enough for all you've done. I'm sure whatever the problem is it'll get fixed eventually. Smile

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I'm in the same situation.

I can provide logs as requested, but I'm pretty savvy with the Video Cards/Graphics Rules issues. I've tried a clean install of Windows 10 and Sims 2 UC from Origin. In a newly installed state, the game crashes. After adding the appropriate Video Cards/Graphics Rules files, the game still crashes. (Usually when selecting a lot, but sometimes on neighborhood selection.) It's the generic 'application has crashed'. Oh, it also does this after replacing the .exe with the NO-CD .exe. NO CC or any other tweaks are installed. So.

1) Clean install of Windows 10 Pro *on new hardware*, recent NVIDIA drivers.

2) Install Sims 2 UC via Origin.

3) Sims 2 run from Origin crashes.

4) Install video card tweaks for GTX 1070. Sims 2 run from Origin crashes.

5) Install replacement No-CD executable. Sims 2 run from new executable crashes.

I've been able to get this game running on many, many different PCs over the years, and I've never had a problem like this that I couldn't fix myself (aside from getting some video tweaks from this site). I'm wondering if recent Windows updates have broken something.

I don't expect answers here, more providing a data point, because based on my experience on three different machines in the last few days, I think something is pretty broken.

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First, your problem may seem identical to that of another, but it is still preferred that you open a thread of your own, instead of compounding the issue by mixing it into the thread of someone else.
Second, you may have a good idea of dealing with Graphics cards, but the logs contain more information than just what goes on with the graphics system. Kiri (or anyone else who tries to help) may still require the logs in order to be able to help.
Third, I'm thinking it might not even be a Windows 10 update that caused your problems (although it is likely that they have something to do with it), but also an Origin-update could have such consequences. It is known to happen.

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OK the latest problem seems to be a change because of a Windows 10 update. What it needs is a clean install of the graphics drivers.

Believe it or not, EA actually has a page on how to perform a clean install of graphics drivers.

So lets start with doing that.

Sorry about the Video Cards.sgr 404 error. (I thought I'd tested that??)


Every so often, other files get corrupted in the hood folder. The way to test if this is the case, is to rename your EA Games folder in your My documents, and let the game regenerate a new folder. If that works, then it's a corruption problem somewhere else in the folders. Caches and the Cigen are usually the first to corrupt, but unfortunately they're not the only ones to corrupt.

Fortunately - if a completely clean hood works, we can narrow down where the problem is.

Also can you do me a dxdiag - your texture memory is set to 1744, and the dxdiag will tell me what it should be.

How to do a DXDiag -

Press the windows button and R. That will bring up the Run Window.
Type in dxdiag in the run window and press ok.

That will bring up the DirectX Diagnostic Tool window.
Wait until the loading bar at the bottom has finished.

When it's done press "Save all information" and take note of the location the dxdiag.txt is put in.

Press exit to exit.

Upload dxdiag.txt to this thread.

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Thank you so much for your response! I'm in the process of doing a clean installation for my graphics drivers as you suggested but I first wanted to get my response with my dxdiag out to you before anything else. If you need that AFTER I've done the clean installation I'll definitely update it with that version afterwards! I tried to let it make all new neighborhoods and fortunately, I got to the point where it loaded a household briefly before crashing just when the Sims UI showed up on screen.

Thank you again for responding, and I'll redo all the steps you listed after I'm done uninstalling and reinstalling everything. Smile

Did the error/exception mean anything by the way, Kiri? Or is the overall issue more related to the Windows update and texture memory, corruption, etc?

Update: Okay, I (hopefully) uninstalled and reinstalled the graphics drivers right and still no luck!

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Similar problems, I was asked to create a separate thread, it's over here:


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