The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection Crashing When Selecting Neighborhood
#41 20-02-2018 
@pixelchixel - Did you try clearing caches after the crashes? Makes sense the larger lots are more crash prone. Let's see if we can get them to behave better.

#42 10-03-2018 
@CatOfEvilGeniu So, so sorry for the delay. Yes, I did try clearing the caches after the crashes! I was wondering what your opinion was on gwynne's found solution with the old driver was, and how that worked for you if you've tried it? Thanks so much for responding and sorry again for such a delay.

#43 23-10-2018 
Hey everyone!
Sorry to bump such an old thread but I felt like I should just update — I never got the issue resolved.
I found a very old computer I had to play it and that was fine for a while until it ended up basically killing itself. So now I’m back to sort of hoping I can eventually figure out how to play it on my main (and now only) computer.

I’m not really trying to ask for any more troubleshooting or anything because you’ve all been so so kind and I know it’s really out of your hands. I just wanted to ask if any of you DO find a solution and you could link it here I’d be eternally grateful. Thank you so much for all your help through that process and I hope one day I’ll be able to play the best sims game again!


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