SIMS 2 UC Crashing
#1 16-01-2018 
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Hello guys!

So i have a big issue, after playing for few minutes my game crashes.

Everything was working good.. Untill i updated my windows.
windows 10 anniversary update (v1607): On this patch and earlier was fine, now i can't play the game.
Windows 10 fall creators update (v1709): This patch has something to do with the crashes i get.

The exception file:
.txt  Sims2Exception-2018.01.16-18.35.03.txt (Size: 15.71 KB / Downloads: 100)
The config log:
.txt  DESKTOP-K2DUP1G-config-log.txt (Size: 10.32 KB / Downloads: 95)

Things i tried:
1. Tried without custom content (cc). (Didn't work)
2. I moved my whole ea games folder to start from scratch. (Didn't work)
3. I tried creating another user on my computer. (Didn't work)

So if any of you have any solutions or know something to fix this, please help me. Because i love this game and it makes me crazy that i can't play it.

Thanks for helping!
Cheers, Soort!

#2 17-01-2018 
Have you tried rolling back the W10 fall creators update? Since that's where the trouble started, that's the first thing *I* would try.

#3 17-01-2018 
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I tried it and unfortunatly i can't rollback :/

#4 17-01-2018 
Ah, you didn't make a restore point before upgrading... that's a pity. I'm sorry that I can't be of any more help in this case. Hopefully, @celebkiriedhel soon finds a moment to look into your problem.

#5 17-01-2018 
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Normally it was enabled, idk how that hapenned but it seems it wasn't. Thanks for your help @BoilingOil . I hope that @celebkiriedhel can help me soon.
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#6 18-01-2018 
@BoilingOil @Soort

Windows 10 and Graphic Drivers have a problem with automatic updating and stuffing things up. So Undoubtedly, the updates have stuffed things up.

Believe it or not, EA actually has a page on how to perform a clean install of graphics drivers.

So lets start with doing that.

Secondly, can you do a DXDiag for me, your display memory needs tweaking in your graphic rules which will help things as well.

How to do a DXDiag -

Press the windows button and R. That will bring up the Run Window.
Type in dxdiag in the run window and press ok.

That will bring up the DirectX Diagnostic Tool window.
Wait until the loading bar at the bottom has finished.

When it's done press "Save all information" and take note of the location the dxdiag.txt is put in.

Press exit to exit.

Upload dxdiag.txt to this thread.

I'll update your Graphic Rules.

#7 18-01-2018 
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I've done clean install and it's still not working.
dxdiag file:
.txt  DxDiag.txt (Size: 78.48 KB / Downloads: 97)

I hope we can find it out soon Slap
Thanks for helping!


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