Suddenly pink flashing game with Windows 10
#21 02-02-2018 
Aw, thank you. Smile I completely understand going back to an older OS. I will say, as a computer scientist, the Meltdown/Spectre CPU vulnerabilities that the Windows 10 update addresses are of some concern, but so far, there is no bad stuff out in the wild that exploits those vulnerabilities. There will surely be in the future and those vulnerabilities are quite bad when exploited. They let malware figure out what's in memory that it would normally not have been able to look at before. So malware in your browser could, for example, see passwords in your keychain program if you have it running. Microsoft will not be updating Windows 8 to address those vulnerabilities. I would say if you're going to stick with 8, don't put any information on that machine that you would care about getting stolen. Don't save passwords, don't access your bank account from there, don't buy stuff online, no pictures you don't want getting out, etc. If that's your only machine or you don't want to be quite that paranoid, do still make sure you keep your browser updated since attacks are expected to often come through browsers and make sure you have the latest greatest antivirus. If you have another machine with 10 on it, I would pause patching until Microsoft gets its act together and releases less buggy patches for their patches.

#22 12-02-2018 
You can completely stop any updates in win10 home, from forcing itself on you. You can stop the windows update service in "Services". Stop it, then "disable". That will stop the updating, until you figure out your game issues, You can continue running updates by resetting the service by setting it back to "manual", or "automatic".

You can also turn off windows defender in windows 10 home (part of the problem with games), and installing a good AV, like AVAST! free. You can stop defender, with a registry edit. You can re-enable it by removing that edit. It isn't difficult at all, and is reversible.

If anyone is interested in doing this, I can tell you how. Just let me know. Doesn't hurt anything to try, and it's easily reversible.

To those with laptops that have the nVidia GeForce GTX 1050 or better? You probably have a newer laptop. Try running your game with the HD graphics, instead of nVidia. I have an MSI i7-7700HQ, with GeForce 1050 graphics, and Intel HD 630 both.

I run my game on the HD 630 graphics, and with the Intel texture fix, and making sure my Video Card file, is recognizing my HD630, my game runs like glass, with all settings on high. Took me half an hour to get it working, but it DOES work. (Thanx for the files, KIRI!)

Once again, for those using a disk, you can download a free program that burns .ISO files, burn your game disk to an .ISO, then download Daemon Tools, and mount your game .ISO with it.

This not only saves wear and tear on your game disk, it eliminates lots of the lag, among some other benefits I've noticed while doing it. I did this for a year, until I figured out how to "NoCD" my game files.

Good luck!


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