Snow on Ground flickering
#21 30-01-2018 
Indeed, "Kiri: Force Low settings because Intel removed" is NOT a desirable note to have in your log. But what it means exactly and how to turn it around, I'm sorry to say I have no clue!
If someone knows, that person is @celebkiriedhel. When she will be around again, though... it's hard to say.

And I'm honored to know that my mods are still valued as much as they are. Thank you both for the kind words.

#22 09-07-2018 
I know its super late but for anyone with this problem I found that if I followed this tutorial: that the snow was fixed!

#23 21-07-2018 
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I'm sorry for bumping this thread, but I had the exact same issue and found a solution. I set all instances of "boolprop useshaders" in the Graphics Rules.sgr file to "false" and now snow shows up properly on the road and floor tiles. You can enter "boolprop useshaders false" as a cheat in-game as well. The downside to this is that you won't have bump maps in clothing, for example. But they're so subtle that it doesn't really matter.

#24 12-02-2019 
(28-01-2018 12:10 PM)rocketcopter23 Wrote:  @BoilingOil
I'm pretty new to Windows 10, but from what I can tell they've completely changed their approach to updates. Basically, they're no longer optional.

Supposedly, this will be the last new version of Windows. Instead, they will just continue updating 10 forever. However, this means forcing updates on users (to keep everyone on the same version)

You can go into settings and tell it not to automatically update, but even that will only work so long. Certain major updates, like 1709 (aka the Creators Update) are considered mandatory.

It looks like the best you can do is delay for 180 days on Windows Pro, and on Windows Home (which I have) the only workaround is to set up a metered connection on Wi-Fi to keep it from updating. (which I'd rather not do)

I never even authorized my PC to install the Creator's Update. I just turned it on one day and it started installing it (I had updates turned on, but it looks like it wouldn't have mattered in the long run)

So it looks like if you plan on running Windows 10, you will eventually be installing all their updates.

So as avid Sims 2 players, it looks like here are our choices.
1) Figure out how to make it work on Windows 10 (despite Microsoft's best efforts)
2) Use a metered WiFi connection, and live without updates (or just never go online and use another PC entirely)
3) Keep a computer with a different/older OS around for simming.
4) Run a virtual machine? (I have no exp with this or if it would work)

I am hoping for option 1, but I am starting to wonder about option 3...just getting a dedicated TS2 computer with W7 (or even XP).
(I can't believe that an update took my game from perfect to unplayable overnight...)
However, I can't really afford such a purchase right now.

I'm hoping that the dedicated TS2 community can work together and find a solution. I didn't think there'd be so many people with similar problems, but that gives me hope that we can use teamwork and figure it out!

I *HAVE* THE solution to Win10' "update" issue. Don't let it update AT ALL, until YOU want to. If you want, I can post it. Alternately, I can upload a couple .reg files, and a very simple set of instructions for turning Automatic updates, on, and off. Works exactly like Win7 on/off updates mechanically. You just have to throw the switches "manually".

I have one, Win10 machine. It hadn't updated for two years, until I allowed it to. THEN, I successfully shut it back off again.

Works well.

#25 13-02-2019 
Hi @Kunder,

Something inside feels the need to state that you didn't have to quote the ENTIRE message. Just the first two or three lines would've been fine. But that's okay.

But now as for your solution: I have my own version of that, and it is much simpler, too! The *ONLY* machine that I have available, runs *ONLY* Win7, and it's already set to NEVER EVER EVER auto-update. And I'm also NEVER EVER EVER going to put Win10 on it! They cannot force me, whatever they do!
But whenever there comes a time when I can no longer avoid getting W10 on any machine of mine, I will know to come to you for a fix to keep auto-updates off forever. And I *may* even know of some other folks who might be interested. If you could publish that set of registry files, I would be grateful, and so might the others!

#26 16-02-2019 
@Kunder's last response to this thread is found here.


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