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Hi all~

I hope this hasn't been addressed before (I did search, but I couldn't find anything, so sorry if I'm repeating things!), but does anyone know of a mod that edits the way dead sims pictures are shown on the family tree? Having it in gray-scale is a little sad for me as I love to mix sims and see how the generations passes down their genes. It's hard to visually track ancestral genealogy when the pictures are greyed, if you know what I mean? Is there a mod that perhaps leaves the pictures in full colour like living sims, but has a symbol on it to represent 'dead', or something like that??

If there is no such thing, is it too big a quest to ask someone to make it for me?? I don't know much how modding that would be or if it is even possible, but more amazing mods have been created before, so maybe its entirely possible??

Thanks all :-)

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Hi again, @CandyYYG,

If such a mod exists, then I've never heard of it. However, I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't even possible to do. So, although I would certainly encourage you to ask similar questions on other boards (such as, for example), I would advise you to not expect too much to come of it.

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Hey BoilingOil, thanks a bunch for the reply. That's a shame! I'll see what MTS says, otherwise, oh well, tough tiddies (though it might be a cosmic sign to stop treating my sims like hamsters....)

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I'm gonna guess that this particular thing isn't modifiable as it isn't a behavior script, but is compiled within the EXE. The best idea I have is resurrect them and put them in the family bin, and, if you really want to, put the prisoner CD token in their inventory so they never show up on any lots.

The mod is on Simlogical, and can be found here (thanks to BO for clarifying link policies for me!)

I don't know if the prisoner CD works without the rest of the stuff so I typically download the ijPrisonCore zip file and place all of them in the Downloads folder. What you'd do is you would plop them onto a lot and then go into Buy Mode, and then just simply go to Misc / Misc (I think?) and place a prisoner token CD in each of the Sims' inventories. This should prevent them from showing up on any lots aside from their home lot. I don't know if you'd need the Visitor Controller or not, but VC would work just as well. Just summon the Sim to the lot and ban them outright.
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In the spirit of helping one another, there is nothing wrong with a link to truly useful materials outside this board, as long as it has something to do with what we do here.
Make sure, though, that the link does NOT directly download the desired mod. It can only link to the PAGE where the mod is, so people can read any relevant info right there, and download the mod from its original location.

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Doesn't one have to be careful when it comes to ressurection?
I heard that it causes corruption.

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You are right, @Sims2Idea, that resurrection is not something to enter into lightly. But it depends a bit.
First of, there are several ways of resurrecting sims:

1. The built-in Maxis method where a relative uses a Resurrect-o-nomicon and pays GR a substantial sum for their beloved to be offered another chance at life. This method usually works better on those sims that accidentally died before their time, because they will still have a considerable time left after resurrection. The ones that pass away as a result of their advanced age, actually have no time left to live, so when they are resurrected, they will most likely die again the next day. And then there's more: the chance of being offered resurrection depends on how well your living and deceased sims know/knew one another, and the quality of the resurrection depends on how many §imoleons the requesting sim is prepared to part with in exchange. Finally, this method is only reliable when applied to PLAYABLE sims that died in-game. It does not work with sims that were CREATED dead by the Maxis team as part of a Neighborhood's history.

2. The Tombstone of Life and Death and other built-in cheats and tricks: careful treading is advised. It's easy to fornicate this up! No relationship levels or simoleon costs are involved, but it still only works well on sims that died in-game.

3. Downloaded cheat objects: varying levels of risk and success, no guarantees, the result depends entirely on the programming skills of the mod author!

4. Dabbling with bits and sims' attributes, flags, memories and tokens from within SimPE or similar file-mangling tools. Depends very much on your knowledge of the entire system the way Maxis built it on the SimAntics engine. Highest level of risk, but totally awesome if you know what you're doing, because the end result is limited only by your imagination.

I'll inform you that, honestly, I've never tried anything else but the first option. And even that, ONLY when I could justify it within the story as I was 'seeing' it in my head. So I can't tell you much about any of the other types of resurrection.

There is, though, a form of resurrection included in my mod "Alien Experiments", but that only applies to sims who die as a result of certain experiments. They are revived, just so there is something for the Aliens to throw back to the curb, three hours after abduction. And since the sim in question died on the spot, right before resurrection, that was an easy thing to set up.

I guess it goes without say that methods 2, 3, and 4 are the methods that introduce varying levels of risk of corruption. Methoid one is supposed to be safe enough. Although even that is relative, because in this game virtually ANYTHING can corrupt the game, even when everything goes according to the Maxoids' limited concept of logic, common sense and good programming.

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My 2 cents on this: depending on the Sim you want to bring back, it can be hard; especially if the Sim is missing most of their data (is unlinked). In that case, you'd have to closely recreate the original Sim and transfer the clone's data into the original's character file.

Some characters which shipped in the Maxis neigbhrohoods are much less than ideal to play as if you don't fix them first. The 19-20 ghosts found on the Specter lot are notorious for being bugged! Here's a list of the bad ones (if you have Tarlia's brilliant cleaned versions of the neighborhoods then all of them are fixed, but otherwise, here) :

Creon Nigmos - Looks like an elder male with brown eyes in his thumbnail but is seen by the game as an adult male; has a messed up facial structure which is genetic! His eyes are genetically light blue.
Knut Futa - Almost all of his data is zeroes and is seen as a baby male in the Maxis version; Tarlia added all of the necessary data so he more or less works properly if resurrected.

Luc Smith - Looks like a teen male with brown eyes but is seen by the game as an adult male with grey eyes and one of the default CAS faces

Lyla Grunt: The only huge issues with her is her face is messed up (just like Creon / Willow) and her eye color is actually dark blue and not brown as seen in-game!

Melissa Sims - Looks like a teen female with brown eyes / red hair, but is seen by the game as an adult male with 0 days left / no aspiration or personality sign, and her genetic face is different from what's seen in-game and her genetic eye color is green (some images exist of her in her character file which show her as an adult / elder female with an unused hairstyle)

Vicki Sims - Looks like an adult female, but is seen by the game as an adult male with no aspiration.

Willow Nigmos - Looks like an elder female with brown eyes in-game but is seen by the game as an adult female; As with Creon, she has a messed up face which will genetically pass onto children if she has more kids, and her genetic eye color is green (like her daughter Ophelia).

People say these characters cause neighborhood corruption if you try and bring them back and play as them / have children; I don't know. It's more than possible since they're so messed up as it is! I suggest you recreate the ghost(s) you want to bring back in CAS (don't clone them! Melissa, Lyla, Creon, Willow, and Lyla all crash Bodyshop from what I remember!) and leave the original ones alone.

Sorry for such a long post. Oh, and from what I can tell, Tarlia did NOT replace the broken faces on these characters which have them (at least in the original version of her fixed 'hoods). You can replace it yourself if you're determined enough, but I won't go into how to do it as I don't know how safe it is. that, and she actually made fixed versions of Strangetown and Pleasantview (but not Veronaville). She added all of the needed data to the ones which are lacking it, and she even fixed the faces on the ones which needed it! Smile
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