Sims2 Crash and Terminate CAS
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I GOT IT so sorry it took so long, I've been really busy with work.

@BoilingOil @CatOfEvilGeniu
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No need to apologize. Nobody is free from the shackles of real life, so we all understand.

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Here are my configuration, and directx logs thank you to @BoilingOil for baring with me.

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Still crashing with the sims 2 ;-; especially on CAS and when cars are entering or leaving lots, (forgot to mention that.)

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Ok, we need to get the game to find your card in the database, it's not doing that. I can link to some instructions tomorrow, got to put the kiddo to bed soon.
There was a post recently, forgot where, about intel cards and something nitpicky that needs doing in the video cards sgr file with intel cards...
[edit] Found the instructions for adding your card to video cards sgr

For tonight, please check the following. Make sure you are NOT using compatibility mode. Right click the shortcut you use to start the game. Press Properties. Make sure compatibilty mode is NOT checked. Several simmers on this forum have found that the game crashes like that's it's job when in compatibility mode but runs beautifully when not in compatiblity mode. This was with the noCD version of Ultimate Collection. You are playing from disks, yes? I think this advice might still apply.

You said you are already playing in administrator mode. That's good. Keep that checked.

Find the lines in the graphics rules sgr file that won't let the driver manage memory.
Comment them out (put a # in front) and add the lines that do let the driver manage its memory.
I found this helpful, in combination with other things.

# # never trust the driver to manage its own memory
# boolProp enableDriverMemoryManager false

# do trust the driver to manage its own memory
logSystemInfo "Cat - trust the graphics driver to manage its own memory"
boolProp enableDriverMemoryManager true

After editing your graphics rules sgr (or video cards sgr), make sure you copy it to BOTH directories where it needs to go.

#15 16-02-2018 
I unchecked the compatibility mode, and still ran it as administrator. This did absolutely nothing.

Also, I still don't have the graphics rules sgr files. Could you include pictures for steps? If not that's okay.


and please do not feel like you HAVE to help me, take care of your kids Smile

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@JosephineSIMS - Compatibility mode being off is necessary but not sufficient. You need a combination of several things to get the game working well. This is what several of us figured out after we experimented for days on several machines with several cards.

Here are the steps. I know you did some of this already.

* Run as administrator.

* Run in windowed mode, not fullscreen.

* Make sure you do NOT use compatibility mode! This is important. Many of the other fixes can help but if compatibility mode is on, the game still crashed or flashed pink for me. When I finally tried turning it off, it ran great for days.

* Do NOT use cpu throttling, do NOT use -CPUCount:1 unless you have massive graphics lag due to threading

* If you have Origin Ultimate Collection, use the noCD executable, NOT the Origin executable! I am not sure about the game running from disks. I test using UC noCD.

* Find your graphics rules and video cards sgr files.

Open \Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Fun with Pets\SP9\TSData\Res\Config\Video Cards.sgr
Open \Program Files (x86)\EA\The Sims 2 - <your most current expansion pack>\TSData\Res\Config\Video Cards.sgr

You can also try grabbing some premade sgr files from Kiri

* Make several changes to your sgr files, then copy your changed files back to Config AND ALSO to CsConfig. Both places! Config and CsConfig Not just one!
--- Add your card to the video cards sgr file - instructions here
--- Make sure the amount of texture memory is set correctly, if it is 32mb, let us know and we'll post how to fix it, but that shouldn't happen with Intel, it's an nvidia thing
--- Let the graphics driver manage its own memory (see below)

* Change the line in graphics rules sgr that says never let the graphics driver manage its own memory.
DO allow it to manage memory. Just do a search for "never", then change false to true

# # never trust the driver to manage its own memory
# boolProp enableDriverMemoryManager false

# do trust the driver to manage its own memory
logSystemInfo "Cat - trust the graphics driver to manage its own memory"
boolProp enableDriverMemoryManager true

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[Image: 09m524]

I am not seeing my latest downloaded collections? I have the nightlife and celebration stuffs packs.


#18 19-02-2018 
@JosephineSIMS - Look for the latest EP, not the latest SP, unless your latest SP is M&G. I cannot see your uploaded image. Can you try posting it again, please?

#19 01-03-2018 
Sorry it took so long, caught up with school work.

And I really don't understand what EP or SP is? Please dumb it down Tongue @CatOfEvilGeniu

#20 01-03-2018 

SP: Stuff Pack - Adds ONLY new objects.
EP: Expansion Pack - Adds new objects. But more importantly, also adds new things for the sims to do, new game mechanics.

For example: "Open For Business" -- Sims2EP3.exe -- adds the ability for your sims to run their own businesses. None of the packs that came before OfB, allowed you to do that. That's an expansion.
"Seasons" -- Sims2EP5.exe -- adds the ability for your sims to actually grow their own food in the garden or green house. It also allows sims to transform into Plantsims. No packs before Seasons ever did that. Also an Expansion.
"Celebrations Stuff Pack" -- Sims2SP4.exe -- has the phrase "Stuff Pack" in its name, and really ONLY adds Party-related decorations and maybe some clothes and hairs. There are no new things for your sims to do. Clearly just a Stuff Pack.

The Stuff packs all have the phrase "Stuff Pack" in their name. And that's where it gets misleading. Because the "Mansion & Gardens Stuff Pack" is not really just a Stuff Pack. The M&G executable isn't named "Sims2SP9.exe", but instead "Sims2EP9.exe", indicating that - although it's named like a Stuff Pack - even the developers treated it as an Expansion Pack.

The "Sims2EP*.exe" with the highest number instead of the * is your latest EP.


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