Sims 2 choppy & laggy
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hello friends,

my computer runs sims 4 with all dlc + mods without any lag, but somehow the sims 2 ultimate edition / origin edition i got yesterday is too much for it lmao

idk why it gets choppy, especially when i scroll or speed it up

here are some specs or w/e, i'd appreciate any tips

win 10
core i3 3110m
geforce 820m
8 gb ram
512 gb ssd

tysm for reading, hope you are having a great day
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also, i do have a default replacement for every single ea item + all recommended mods, but it's laggy without cc too ):

+ i already tried running it in win xp compatibility mode (won't start lmao), downloaded the graphics rules + the ram fix + triple-quadruple checked my nvidia settings that it's using the dedicated gpu but nothing seems to work idek

++ i can't remove securom bc there is no working download for a mansion & garden stuff no cd crack anywhere anymore lmao
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