SKYLINE isn't visible in-lot view
#1 06-03-2018 

I am trying to use the Green Hills seasoned skyline by greatcheesecakepersona and an animated cloud box called The Great Sky of Totalitarianism by lowedeus.
I have SkyFix, in my userStartup.cheat, I have uintProp lotSkirtSizeIncrease 120 saved, my fade distance is turned off and my view distance is enlarged;
I can't see the skyline "Green Hills". It's the same old maxis sky in the horizon. Up in the air I am able to see the moving clouds from lowedeus. Does anyone have any idea why that one is visible but not the skyline?

#2 22-06-2018 
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I've been having this same issue. Has anyone figured out a fix?


Sorry, that is a members only option