Sims 2 Directx 9.0 c compatibel graphicsadapter not found
#1 10-03-2018 
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Hi i signed in this forum because i cant get sims 2 Uc to start and i heard that kiri can almost always help solve the issue. I attach my sims 2 config log i tried a lot

my message is
failed to enumerate any directx 9 compatible graphics adapters. the application will now terminate

My Gpu is a Gtx 750 ti 2gb
my processor is a amd A8 5545 m with a threading of 2.7 ghz
8gb ram
1 terrabyte hdd

sims 4 and sims 3 work perfectly fine
on very high settings

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.txt  PASCALPC-config-log.txt (Size: 9.43 KB / Downloads: 12)
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i use windows 10

#3 13-03-2018 
Install this:

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im gettin a message id have to install windows xp or lower

#5 16-03-2018 
Ok... then this:

Hope this one will... work!
Sorry for not getting it for you for the first time, I forgot which ones I installed... If these won't install nether I'll search some more. ...but they should! *crosses fingers*
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