Sims 2 UC crashing on loading screen
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I have the sims 2 UC and have played it with no issues for more than a year. Very recently I had to replace my LCD monitor and since then it will not start up (that is the only change I have made so that's why it is included, sorry if it is actually irrelevant) What I think is weird and can't find ANY info on is this: it completely skips the intro movie before the initial loading screen. Before I took out ALL CC it would freeze on "storing solar energy" or whatever. I removed the CC, and even completely uninstalled and reinstalled (completely deleting ALL files related to the UC before re-installation) and without adding CC to the game I am still having the same problem, only that it freezes on over-waxing bannisters now. I know that this isn't a case of just waiting for it to load completely because I left it overnight and it still never got past the loading screen, and it is Not Responsive in the task manager. I have absolutely no idea what has happened and sims 2 is really my favorite game, so I really want to figure this out. Any help would be hugely appreciated. I have used the graphics rules maker as well as replacing the graphics rules and video cards fixes from here.

OS is Microsoft windows 7 home premium

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I can see from your config-log that your game isn't recognizing your graphics card, which can be fixed! Once that's fixed we'll have to see if the problem persists, though I'm confident this will do the trick.

A wonderful user on here that goes by celebkiriedhel made these graphicsrules and videocards replacements (as well as a tutorial on how to make your own).

Alright, so I can tell based on your config log that the two downloads you need from this link ( ) are labelled, "Graphic Rules - INTEL - Texture Fix" and "Video Cards.sgr - INTEL - 0126"

Once those are downloaded, please unzip/extract them and put them in these two folders:
/program files (x86)/origin games/ The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection/Fun With Pets/SP9/TSData/Res/Config
/program files (x86)/origin games/ The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection/Fun With Pets/SP9/TSData/Res/CSConfig

Once that's done, I recommend you let the game run through this exe (also provided by Kiri!) instead of through Origin, as Origin can cause a lot of unwanted issues sometimes.

You can then install that also by extracting the download and going to:
/program files (x86)/origin games/ The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection/Fun With Pets/SP9/TSBin
Now you'll want to either rename the original SimsEP9 or move it to a safe place, then copy and paste the new exe to that folder. That should let the game run without Origin.

I hope you're still following after my giant block of text lol. If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask! I may not have the answers, but there's many kind & talented people here who I'm sure will be able to.

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Okay so, I did exactly what you told me and nothing happened. Even worse I was now getting the directx9 error alert. I was totally defeated, so I completely uninstalled it again (I followed a guide ) and reinstalled it one more time (as well as downloaded a norton antivirus because I read somewhere that this guy with almost the same problem had a virus that only synmatec caught). I got the same directx error message and decided to try the windowed mode fix that I had read about AND MY GAME STARTED UP!!!!!! I have no idea what did this (because I checked my config again and my graphics card still isn't in the database???) but I am sooooooooooooo happy!!!

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@az1993 Oh I'm so sorry I temporarily ruined things for you! However, I'm very glad to hear you were able to get it running yourself. I'm sorry again that I wasn't much help, but once again I'm very happy it's running well for you. Happy simming and wish you all the best!


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