Sims 2 Windows 10 - CAS Crashing
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Could someone please help? I'm using a Windows 10 and have been having some crashing issues. I have the Sims 2 Complete Collection. The game works fine until I click "add a new sim" in CAS and it gives me this error and crashes every time. I'm hoping all I need to do is download something for a fix. Can someone point me in the right direction? Also, I've been running as administrator and have been trying to run it in windows 8 mode but no luck.

.txt  USER-PC-config-log.txt (Size: 10.18 KB / Downloads: 339)
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@Cakepop, posting the same issue in multiple threads is not going to help you much, I'm afraid. If someone knows how to help you solve your issue, they will tell you in the old thread. In the meantime, I'm freezing this one, so all hte answers will come in one place, okay?


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